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STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON review and memories with photos





Just watched STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON! (my REVIEW) A good friend and filmmaking partner John Gonzales had an extra ticket for a special screening and knew there was only one person to ask. His only friend who’s a true Ruthless Records fan for life. That’d be me. I’m that wigger kid screaming “Fuck the Police” in his room while his white parents question their parenting skills outside my bedroom door. Remember that white kid from CB4? Yep, that was me rapping “Straight Outta Compton crazy muthafuck named Slava!” from inside my room on the South Central side of our apartment.

For 30 years, I’ve been that kid. Growing older with age and replacing the records with tapes then CDs then eventually downloads of the same street reporter stories coming from Eazy E and NWA.

So the chance to catch an early preview was only thing on my mind. This was 30 years coming and 20 since Eazy’s death. Yes, the entire movie I rapped all the lyrics inside my head and bobbed in my chair.

If you grew up in that era, you remember the craziness of the first album then eventually of the second Straight Outta Compton masterpiece. You remember the record covers and music videos. The stories, fights, riots and arrests. This movie covered so much!

I sat there smiling as F. Gary Gray reminded me of the original K-DAY and short glimpses into World Class Wrecking Crew, as well as other quick bites about Ice Cube’s CIA. And then of course introducing us to The D.O.C. who I adored so much that I even own all his Fila Fresh Crew tapes. And would pose like him from his “It’s Funky Enough” album. Yes I was that wigger kid. And yes, I also own the CIA tape and all World Class Wrecking Crew albums.

The movie brought us back to the Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. that no longer exists. But back then it was the hot spot where I bought my “100 Miles and Running” Album then the Ice Cube tapes and that amazing Chronic tape. If you grew up in LA during those times, you remember the Rodney King video, verdict and eventual riots. Watching this movie I remembered hurrying through LA to get to my brother’s school before all of Los Angeles caught on fire. The news reports and how angry we all were, black and white.

Seeing the Crenshaw cruising I smiled in remembrance of being invited there in 1989 by my friends. But being that fake as bedroom gangsta little wigger kid I declined. We all knew a kid or two that NWA rapped about and tried to keep our distance. Yet, from safety of our cars and homes rapped along with their true life stories.

This movie brought out memories from my childhood. It brought out emotions I forgot about. I remember where I was when Eazy E announced he had AIDS, I also remember where I was when he passed away. Those emotions were so real as this “drug dealer” who by all purposes was a bad guy in so many people’s eyes captured our hearts with his stories. That heart felt emotion is what led me to rekindle these moments in my heart again. I sat in the theatre with tears running down my face remembering my drive on the 101 right passed the 405 junction when I first heard Eazy E died twenty years ago.

The two and half hours went by so fast, I wanted more and more. This piece of art brought me through every emotion from laughter to anger and eventual sadness of what could have been. With such emotions pulling you every direction, this movie had a perfect message to enjoy your life by “You can’t put a price on peace of mind.”

A few final thoughts. This street reporting movement and style had a big impact on so many growing up. Three decades later the fans are as loyal to this as ever. I for one dressed the part and thought the part. So much so I had the highest grade in African American Studies class in College. I cared enough that my influences carried over to my little brother Jonathan who later in life became one of the most out spoken and creative street artists in Los Angeles. And to this day makes a difference with his Hip Hop gear created by his company Digital Threads. The LA TIMES front page shirt is one of the best used examples of his NWA and street reporting influence. Being the wigger big brother I even dressed him this way as a young boy.

My pride and joy of filmmaking was out “My Brother’s Keeper” portfolio project I did with my filmmaking partner, Kareem, in film school. These stories and Kareem’s real life experiences helped in creating a very controversial and in your face student film for our graduation piece. I decided to include some of my 35mm memories here in remembering the time and era of these amazing moments that molded all of us into what we are today.

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My XBiz Awards experience

These were my first X-Biz Awards … I guess to non-porn I should explain what these Awards are about. Porn like some other entertainment outlets honors their “best” in a yearly Awards show extravaganza. Mainstream has their Oscars, music has it’s Grammy’s, Soul Train Awards, CMAs, etc. … shit even Pimps have their Pimp of the Year Awards, (side note) not to be confused with Porn agents.

So us in porn wait every year in serious suspense to see who will be nominated for such acts as anal, or DPs or who can suck the meanest dick. And even who can “act”. But all in all, even with our fake / stage names we are honored to be recognized for our accomplishments whether we suck dick on camera or shoot someone sucking dick on camera. It’s all hand in hand. We want to be recognized for being the best at our chosen professional.

With 2011 approaching we at PUBA headquarters wanted to make sure we had a big presence this year as a company and most importantly with our Puba girls. AVN Awards were a huge success (BLOG later) and it was time for the XBiz version.

X-Biz Awards were on February 9, 2011. Kory and I were just coming off a crazy week of shooting (I shot 22 scenes), prepping and having our LIVE Streaming Super Bowl Puba Party. We were tapped out but the Awards were here and we needed to represent.

The company, myself and the girls had a total of 11 nominations so it was imperative we go in hopes of seeing one of us win.

I wanted to go all in style like my many AVN Award appearances. But I was tired and sleepy and hungry and just not in the Ivan ghettolicious mode. So I threw on my new Puba hat, some bling, my jew start rosary beads and off we went. The plan was to meet Asa Akira and London Keyes outside the Palladium by the Red Carpet. Well as always plans go the direction of kaka. Out front was this group of “Condoms in Porn” protesters. They chanted “Hey Hey what do you say, Condoms Condoms all the way!” Try the chant, it’s actually catchy.

(pause for the chant)

With my handy Slivan vlog camera, I recorded them, chanted with them and took pics of them. These people were cordial and polite in spreading their word of hate for pleasurable sex on camera. At one point some dude drives by and they hand him bunch of condoms, so he yells “I’m going to fuck all night!” And these people cheer him. So I guess they are not really anti-sex just but just anti-pleasurable sex. Okay okay, they are pro safe sex. Kind of.

Then I meet a camera guy for TMZ … so now my mission is to get our girls on the show. Talk about publicity, right? So I quickly call Asa, who says they are eating sushi. “Fuck that nasty raw fish and get over here”, I say with a nice tone and a choice of different words. I spent the next 30 minutes socializing and keeping this dude entertained while waiting for the girls. Then finally here they are walking towards us. The TMZ guy rushes towards the girls and manages to get Asa for a few questions about this event. Boom! Another day, another job well done for our chicas.

I then spent a few minutes behind Ron Jeremy as he was being interviewed by the local Fox Network News. But it was more then just an on camera appearance. I flipped my hat around to let the world see the coolest company logo in porn … our PUBA monkey

Red Carpet time! We were in line for what seemed like forever UNTIL the Spiegler girls get a rush from being Speigler Girls (one of top agencies in porn). Asa is a Spiegler girl as well and was showed to the front. Then my homie Asa hooks a Rigga (Russian N word) up. She yells, hey Ivan is with me. Not sure if her inside voice or wishful thinking projected out but all of a sudden there is security escorting me past mountains of porn peeps towards the red carpet. Thank you Asa my friend, but I think of you as a little sister who has sex in front of me while I record you. Now on the Red Carpet my anti-social shyness goes away and I’m there snapping pictures, shooting video and hugging up for pics with Asa. As usual I socialize with the media which helps in getting covered more. Then we head to the Brazzers TV camera guy, while he interviews Asa I yell behind her … which leads to a double decker of promotion for and on Brazzers TV. As Tommy Gunn would say, “Nice!”

Gia Jordan

Once inside we socialized and ran into old friends. The show was okay but our fun was had outside. We didn’t win anything as expected but it wasn’t the point. We wanted to make an appearance and support our girls. Hopefully TMZ will put Asa on their show and these media pics will keep us in people’s minds.

But the night didn’t conclude until Kory grabbed me and took me to an old friend of mine. Kory was a bit buzzed so I wasn’t sure where or to who he was leading towards. Until … there she was Christy Canyon, my ex of sorts and one of the nicest, coolest, hottest people you can meet. From what I hear she often talks about me on her Playboy Night Calls Radio Show. She immediately introduced me as Slava (my real name) the guy she has a crush on to all her friends. It was flattering and awkward but fun. We chatted about our lives, families, business lives, etc. I even spent a minute or two trying to recruit her to Puba, My job never stops.  I walked her to her car and went searching for my ride. My night concluded around 1:00am as I headed home with a smile after a really good night at the X-Biz Awards.


VIDEO from the SHOW … WATCH!!!!

SLIVAN #6-10 – snow, saving lives and Big Bear Lake

SLIVAN #6 – Dishwasher Accident, Vagira ring & I SAVE LIVES!!!

The Porn Scout gets a disguise! Dishwasher accident! A VIAGRA ring? Who’s more ANNOYING contest! Ivan wins one but loses another one. Ivan saves a life on an entire FAMILY … of ducks.

SLIVAN #7 – Annoying my friend & being pulled over for DUI??

Check out the COOOOL store with little worlds.  A little update on the walking hottie. I annoy my homie some more until he turns gay on me! And day concludes with me being pulled over for a DUI?!?!?

SLIVAN #8 – Bears Hugging it out

Last day at Big Bear Lake

SLIVAN #9 – Ivan frolics in the Snow

Our final drive back from Big Bear as I frolic in the snow and discover a old heirloom!  Which followed by finger frostbite creating numbness 7 hours later

SLIVAN #10 – in the Car Wash and on set with Jennifer White

Spent a few minutes in the car wash then off to set for my new movie Lady Mechanics for Tom Byron Pictures with Jennifer White and Tommy Gunn

SLIVAN’s the new type of blog

I have been writing my blog for over 7 years now. This blog has gotten me nice attention from fans and industry people alike. At one point this blog won, Porn Blog of the Year Award. Now I have re-invented my blog and the way I am communicating my thoughts and life. Besides writing the usual fun stories, I am also doing a youtube video blog called “Slivan” … Slivan is a combination of my porn director name “Ivan” and my real name “Slava” … The Slivans have been up for about two months now, so this blog will quickly catch up with them. Every other day I will posting 5 Slivans with their descriptions. Enjoy and please spread the word.


This is a new daily video blog of my LIFE. Some call me fat, some call me ugly, yet some call me lucky. Either way, this is my life … you can stay or go.  But imagine you will stick around.  Thanks


Today we shot for Twisty’s. I don’t reveal whop or where we shoot for them because I think it might be a secret till the scene is released … so here is my early wake up message to my channel subscribers who like cute guys.  Plus some wheelie action on the freeway and ducks in the pool, ducks in the pool!

SLIVAN #3 – Shy London Keyes

This was another secret production day but we got some fun stuff on video. Like Jason Vorhees, Batman, Snoopy and Darth Vader. Also some dog fighting with me and Mosley. And the shy? London Keyes

SLIVAN #4 – Anabolic office, vacation prep and the drive to the lake

Having lunch and prepping for the Big Bear Lake Vacation.  Plus the night road trip to the lake. Anabolic office mess.

SLIVAN #5 – Big Bear, caught sleeping and stalking a hot chick

The Big Bear Vacation begins. With following a hot chick through the hood of Big Bear. Ivan caught sleeping. Big Bear Arcade is closed! What happened to the Doritos?!?!

Girls with Cameras hits the Century mark!

For a LOOOONG while I stopped adidng new galleries to my prize possession on  The “Girls with Cameras” section. Time has been short and still really is. But now between editing and digitizing and some naps, I decided to get back to the grind. I am about 50 galleries behind, dating back to 2008. So now I have a added a few girlies to the charts, officially going over 100!

Check out the link before and enjoy Continue reading

My Birthday PARTY — COME ON OUT!!!



Ivan celebrates his 15th, 25th Birthday.  On Wednesday March 24th, 2010, come join Ivan and his Porno Posse as he celebrates turning over another decade. From his award winning Independent Horror Films to his critically acclaimed Adult movies, Ivan has captured the eye of many among the industry.  Current director for Tom Byron Pictures, Riedemption Productions and Anabolic Digital he has moved forward co-creating the PUBA Network of internet company. Quickly becoming one of the top internet companies for pornstar sites.

His flashy jerseys, wild hair and custom kicks makes him standout amongst most.  But what separates him from the crowd is his reputation, style of shooting and editing. Having AVN proclaim his works, “Brilliant creations from Horror Porn Maestro.” and “MTV style shoot and editing.” Fans and critics alike gravitate to his energy that seems to magnetize everywhere his career takes him.  From MTV then Playboy Network as well as numerous Internet Reality shows, this has become the year of the Ivan. See what the hype is, as Ivan reveals a new video with his current projects and reel. New videos! Gifts! Media! Pictures! This will be an event to behold. Continue reading

All NATURAL Nurses – clips, PIXXX and blog

All Natural Nurses is my first Vignette movie for Tom Byron Pictures.  So I decided to go all out and spend all my time and money to create something and exciting.


I had the cast as well as the ideas in my head, all I needed to do was to execute it.  One thing I did want to incorporate into this movie was some of my camera/editing tricks as well Jesse J’s music.  We got one of his rappers to do a fun song I call “Calabadest”. Pretty much two white boyz from Calabasas causing havoc.  And then we were ooooffff! A two day shoot for the entire movie. Followed by a full week in post-production. When you see the trailer and end credits you will understand.


On the first day we had Charley Chase and Rachel Love. Charley is a buddy of mine who’s website we ( are doing.  Rachel Love is the hot shorty with giant boobies.  Rumored had it she liked me, well that was a compliment but I don’t touchy touchy on set.  Rachel’s scenario was actually one of my favorites … I used an old story from High School.  I had a buddy who got a boner during a physical exam and I always wanted to incorporate that into a porn scene.  A now I have!


Charley’s scenario was simpler but as hot.  At one point I even got a chubby when she was rubbing Justice’s leg under the robe. It was freaking so hot!  It’s probably the most erotic part of the movie for me.


Day #2 was going to be long as we planned on shooting the final three scenes of the movie.  I had all these ideas but wanted to make sure we could execute all of them that day.  Scene #1 of the day was with Sara Stone and Jack Lawrence.  Jesse and I played the two rappers in the scenario.  Really getting a chance to ham it up in the pictures.  The scene opening was very funny and the sex was top notch.  Both performers were into the action.  The scene actually had a really cool beginning as we cut between Jack’s camera and mine. Fun stuff.

nurse_blog7.jpg nurse_blog8.jpg

Second scene we had Adrianna Nicole playing an office nurse tending on Alec Knight’s wounded head.  Adrianna Nicole just might be one of the hottest and sexual women in the industry.  Her look and stare makes you melt as a man.  Sheesh just ask our PA for the day.  He couldn’t leave her alone.

The final scene was with Natasha Nice playing a young cute big boobed nurse.  I did some fun camera/editing tricks for vignette part.  Check it out!

OKAY now below is a link to a slew off PICTURES (over 60) as well as Trailer and End Credits