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These are my interviews from magazines to webzines

My new interview for

Here is my intgerview for  The interview is not up yet and not sure if it will edited down.  But here are my honest and long-winded answers.

1) How long have you been in the industry? How did you get started? Have
you had fun in the industry?

— I’ve been in the industry for around 6 and a half years.  I got in it when my brother, Ricky D, who was working for Extreme Associates, Evolution Erotica and XPW (Rob Black’s wrestling promotion) introduced me to them.  I was working on a TV Show called The X Show on FX Networks and actually wound up getting Lizzy Borden on it.  Rob Black asked me to shoot some wrestling shows, which led them to asking me to shoot BTS for both Evolution Erotica and Extreme Associates.  I actually turned down a job on The Bachelor to join Extreme.  After a few on set experiences I asked for an opportunity to prove to my bosses that I can shoot circles around some people.  I wound up shooting around 12 DVD bonus scenes then they gave me free reign to do what I wanted.

I have had an amazing time in Adult … good and bad.  But definitely stories you can only imagine seeing in movies.

2) Along your rise in the industry have you been concerned with the rights
of the adult industry?

— Yes it’s sad that we have people going to jail for making movies.

3) A lot of the problem people have with the adult industry is the
misconception that “pornographers” are always trying to lure under age
people in and make “kiddie porn”. Could you talk about what it is actually
like on a set, as far as having ID, signing model releases, having a AIM
test, etc? Have you seen or heard of anyone in the legitimate
adult industry knowingly using minors in films or the web?

— That is one of the silliest misconceptions about porn.  If anything we take more care then anyone when it comes to minors.  The Adult industry has a bullseye on it already so why would anyone try to do this?  Plus people in porn are not child molesters.  We are adults, shooting adults, doing adult acts for Adults.  Child porn is an act of crime by horrible people who are molesters. People in porn love sex with adults and not children.  On set we check all forms of IDs, we check AIM tests, we make sure all releases are signed and doubled checked with signatures to the ID’s.  We are not in the business of luring children into our world.

4) Do you ever get offended by shows like South Park/Family Guy/cartoons?
What do you think about shows/writing the offends people? Do you read
often? What do you read?

— I recently started reading again.  You’ll be surprised that the last two books I read were by Stan Romanek about his Alien Abductions and a Bill O’Reilly book.  He has interesting theories about the world.  I agree with some of his views but he is a bit too overbearing on his conservative opinions.  I have to tell you that MTV offends me more then those cartoons.  MTV has become a breeding ground for everything that children should not be watching.  At least with those cartoons, they are in the evenings where parents should be monitoring what their children watch.  MTV on the other hand is 24/7 adult entertainment. I believe that those cartoons are done to make fun of some of the stereotypes and racist feelings.  I am jew and loved “When you wish upon a Weinstein” Family Guy episode.  That was priceless.  People need to grow thicker skins.

5) What do you think about some of the stuff that pushes the limit in the
adult industry, stuff like Max Hardcore,, JM Productions? Or
about the recent court hearings with Max Hardcore going to jail, and Rob
Black at Extreme Associates pleading guilty to obscenity in hopes of not
going to jail.

— That’s an interesting subject since I worked for Rob Black for over 3 years and amidst the trial.  I do not believe people should be going to jail over making movies.  But I also believe in not yelling fire in a crowded theater. When working for Extreme I often asked why are we shooting this stuff and was told because fans like it.  Back then hardcore was shot by many companies.  And I believe a lot was force fed to the people.  It’s kind of like if you only have spam to eat or been given to eat after a while you begin to enjoy it or crave it.  When working at Extreme I avoided shooting the rougher stuff, concentrating on more elaborate fun scenes. They never asked me to shoot anything I wasn’t comfortable doing and same went for the talent.  So in my experiences with Rob Black, he got shafted by the government.

6) As a director, when you are shooting a scene, or coming up with a
scene, or telling the performers what you want done, have you ever had to
stop and say, well if they do that it may piss someone off or have you
ever shot something on film that you thought was crazy and wondered if it
was offensive/legal? What was it? Did you do the scene or the act anyway?

— Before every scene I sit and talk to the girl(s).  We chat, I make them feel comfortable, we share life stories and I find out what they are comfortable doing.  To me it’s simple, I look at everyone woman in the business as someone’s daughter, sister, girlfriend, mother, etc.  So what gives me the right to screw with their day, their head or their life?  Everyone has a story and life outside of set … i would never try to make their experience on my set effect them as they go home.  Yeah, there are directors asking for BJ’s or for girls to do more then they are comfortable doing.  Not on my sets and I think any performer who has ever stepped on my set will vouch for that. In fact, their comfort level often leads them to doing more on camera then expected whether it’s a better scene or something new they were willing to try.  I often have agents letting me shoot their girl’s first scenes because of this trust level.  For instance, this reputation helped me shoot Dakoda Brookes’ first double vag., cream pie, anal, and DP.  She approached me about all of them.

I have never shot anything deemed illegal or against the performer’s will.  And I am not here to try and piss people off.  I try to make the best spank movies possible for the fans to enjoy.

7) Why do you think America has such a fascination with sex and with
regulating sex?

— Religious Right I believe is the answer.  They are uptight in public yet do the things they consider evil behind closed doors.  Very hypocritical.

8) You are at the highest level of the adult industry. A lot of people in
the industry have told me that most the people in the industry don’t care
about protecting free speech, or really about anyone other then themselves
and their money. Do you think this is true? Do you think a lot of the
people that are new to the industry care or have any concern about free
speech and protecting the right to make movies?

— The new crop of people joined the Industry for a buck or the “fame” of being a “pornstar”. Obviously there are people that care but many simply want the quick money and move on.  For people who have made it a career and are dedicated to their craft, struggle to compete and survive.  And are fighting for these rights all the time.  I guess the issue is that porn for many is a quick stop for a quick buck, so I guess people can’t be really blamed for not jumping on board for many of the issues surrounding our business.

9) What are your creative influences? Where do you get the ideas you have?
What is the craziest thing you have done/or scene you’ve been in on

— I watch a lot of movies.  Since I do Independent Horror movies, I tend to gravitate towards that.  Shooting a few horror porn spoofs pre this spoof buzz in 2004.  People seem to say I have the best trailers and teases out there.  I try to incorporate my rigs, lighting styles, camera and editing tricks into much of my work.  I am heavily influenced by mainstream trailers.  Often I would spend hours watching them to get ideas.  Same go for movies.  I just watch and absorb then try to recreate it myself on a porn budget.

Craziest thing I seen on set was watching Julie Night swallow 5 goldfish with 2 loads then throwing them all up into a fishbowl.  This was all captured for Up Your Ass (Extreme Associates) and for a BBC Documentary “Porn King vs. the Government” The craziest was being at Extreme Associates one day, as in one room a midget/gimp was hung on a  cross dressed as Jesus as girls dressed as Nuns shot colorful enemas out of their asses as the scene went on, WHILE in another room a girl was being choked and slapped around during a BJ scene for one of the Slap Happy movies AND in another room Lizzy Borden was doing a photo shoot for Evil Threads with a giant goat (non-sex obviously).  GOATS, MIDGETS, and WHORES oh MY!

10) What do you think of mainstream filmmaking becoming more and more
graphic or sexual, for lack of a better word? A film like Hostel or Hostel
2, lots of nudity, blood, torture. Do you think if there is an adult film
like that, a fake storyline with torture but with real sex, it would face
a much greater deal of scrutiny-or even be deemed obscene?

— Strange right?  I walked out of Saw VI, saying that that was the most obscene and graphic crap I have ever seen!  And simply done for people’s enjoyment.  How’s that different?  Just because the MPAA says it’s only an R Rating then it’s okay? Why can’t we do the same thing?  It’s this weird hang-up with sex that causes this. I think maybe this is where having really hardcore scenes in porn for the sake of having it that hardcore, hurts us. Maybe in general public’s eye it’s violence for the sake of violence. BUT with that theory Saw and Hostel and any of the Friday the 13th movies should fall into that category.  Aren’t those movies violence for the sake of violent entertainment?

11) What do you think the future of the adult business is? Small studio
gonzo or big studio feature? Is there a market for both? Will the impact
of internet sales help one moreso then the other?

— I think internet is killing gonzo.  So now we have parodies helping companies survive.  Until the internet companies start shooting storyline movies the feature companies will survive while as we see Gonzo companies die off.  It’s DVD sales, simple and plain.  Fans can get all kinds of gonzo scenes online but not really features.  So there is our dilemma as gonzo pornographers.

12) Piracy. What kind of threat do you see from it? Does it anger you when
people download/watch your movies off of websites without paying for them?
What should be done? Does it help/hurt that technology allows for such a
easy transfer of media?

— Piracy sucks on all levels.  Music, mainstream and porn.  I have friends who bitch about porn piracy yet have no problem’s downloading the new mainstream movies.  That’s hypocritical.  At least if you down load the movie go still see it in the theater.  So the filmmaker who busted his butt and spent a lot of his life on it gets the deserved reward.  Yes I can’t stand piracy but many of us contribute to it whether we like to admit it or not.

13) What is your website?

— my website is and you can find on there my award winning blog, my reel, my trailers and pretty much my whole life.  It’s a magical wonderland of a Porn Director.

14) Anything else you’d like to add:

— Yes.  First I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and vent about life.  And anyone interested in my new venture checkout  We are in process of doing 9 pornstar websites with  some of the biggest names in the biz. And thank you to people who contact me daily about my work and just to say hello.