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Finally NIKKI SEXX has come back to my SET

There are a few industry people we as porn people consider “non-porn friends”. What does that mean a civilian might ask. What is a “civilian” one might ask as well. First of, porn people call non-porn people “civilians”. Yes, it’s funny but true. I guess Porn peeps think of themselves as military or a different crop of human, not sure. Anyways. Back to the “non-porn friends” topic. In porn we have many co-workers, friends, lovers and baby daddies come and go. Some just come in the industry for a quick buck then run away never to be heard from again.

For me, I get constant emails, myspace messages, texts, etc. from these missing from our porn lives.  It’s nice to hear from them and see how they are. So they are my “non-porn friends”. People you I meet in this crazy business … some crazy people, some normal people, some amazing people. These people stick around as friends, no matter if you ever put another shoot on their plate or a dollar in their pocket. These people genuinely like you and your company. You don’t get texts from them that sound like this “Hey how are you? Got any work for me?” or “Hey Babe! Miss ya! When you shooting again?”

People that you share time away from work become friends, no matter what industry any of us finally conclude our lives in.

Nikki Sexx is one of those people. From the first time I shot her for Creamplosions #3, we had a nice friendship. We, being Anabolic crew, were so impressed with her attitude, hotness and genuinely great personality, she became our teammate. Teammate in shoots and parties. We wanted to get her name out there because this chica deserved to be there making big movies, big money and mostly be recognized.  Any party we attended she was invited, any shoot I did with big butts or big boobs … I had her on my potential cast list. She even escorted me to the last 2 years to the AVN Awards. With this year her and I making the TIME Magazine website under celebrities.

So when Tom Byron gave me free reign to book some girls for my latest movie entitled CALL of BOOTY “Modern Whorefare” I jumped on the opportunity to call my friend. Of course as usual, she did an amazing job playing a webcam girl on the prowl for a hacker (Carlo Carrera). Below I am including loads of pictures from the set PLUS pics from past events with Nikki as well this year’s AVN Awards video and finally the set Behind the Scene video. Follow Nikki on Twitter too




Many people don’t know about this culture of photographers who use these fun and interesting cameras created by a company called LOMOGRAPHY I have been a serious collector for years. The cameras they create are colorfully fun, stylistically wonderful and have unlimited uses. Each camera is unique in it’s design. And have various characterstics. Some are fisheye cameras, some take multi-shots on one frame, same take 8 individual stills at the same time  … and this goes on and on.  BUT the best part is they all shoot on FILM! Just visit to begin your love affair for these cameras.

I often bring some of my 7 LOMOs to my sets to take some fun pics.  Here is my set of LOMO pics from the last 4 years.



We weren’t sure what was up for the 4th of July, so Kory and I decided to have a small little get together.  The plan was to record the entire day and have some really fun footage for a Puba project we are working on.  Kory handled the invites while I figured out what needed to be shot.

I wanted to make this something worth while for us. So I gathered up all my cool Lomography cameras as well as my still camera and of course two BTS video cameras. The morning of the BBQ I spent probably an hour figuring out my game plan for wardrobe.  Yeah, I am a total chick when it comes to clothes. I had to be “Ivan” which meant loads and loads of orange! Pretty much I CHOLOed out with an orange camouflage hat, orange and black Bengals jersey, ankle low orange shorts, knee high sucks and sandles.

Before leaving I loaded up my Holga camera and set-up my underwater housing for my fisheye 2 camera. Then off to the store I went. I bought 72 sodas and around 12,500 chips/pretzels. Yes I counted them all … not really. Then I headed to 7-Eleven for a nice, cold, delicious bottle of Canada Dry Club Soda. On my way out of the store a cop pulled in. Being in my inner/outer cholo mode, I was like “yo vato youts better not make eye contact with me, holmes.” But as my inner cholo thoughts with a columbian or maybe italian accent got louder, I began to snarl in anticipation for the confrontation. I stopped by my truck, reached in my pocket and slowly pulled out the cold steel … of my key chain ring.  Then it happened! The “Man” the “Pig” the “Dirty Bacon” says, … “Cincinnati jersey? where are you from?” I was like “yo holmes, why you’ts always picking on me, you fudgin dirty badge wearing swine!” But all that scary talk came out as, “oh hi! I’ve been a Bengals fan since 1980.” in my biggest girl voice ever. I was in West Hollywood so it was probably more appropriate anyways.  The cop wound up being from Ohio, we chatted for a few and I headed to the BBQ.

The people slowly filed in as Kory aka Papa Puba began cooking for the peeps. Andrew and I ran around taking pictures of the girls. Asa ran around chasing her dog from eating human food. Natasha ran around chasing her vagina as she masturbating all over the place. At one point on the diving board. Ughhm, quick plug. To see that you better join son. I had my set-up of Lomography cameras and I tested out all the various fun techniques the cameras offered. The girls: Asa Akira, Emy Reyes, London Keyes and Natasha Nice, had their boobs out sunbathing away. Natasha was fully nekked for her hand’s easy access.

At one point Kory tried to teach his dog Mosley how to swim. But I guess Mosley is not one of those aquatic animals as he panicked and scratched up Papa Puba. Then we decided to play a prank on London. She brought her two dogs as well: Mimi (a scruffy little mut) and Zoey (a 3 pound chihuaha).  The plan was to record the entire event.  The event was going to be Kory pretending to take lil Zoey and jump in the pool with her. BUT we couldn’t do that with an actual cute little monster named Zoey. So we looked and looked for something small and brown that can play Zoey’s stunt double. Of course, guess who had the perfect item, yes me.  I carry an emergency stash of stuffed toys to give out after shoots.  And on this day I had a brown monkey in the truck.

And now for the EVENT: While people talked on the other side of the pool, Kory yells out, “attention everyone, I am going to jump in the pool with Zoey.” He is holding Zoey at that moment. London says, “don’t do that, Kory I’ll be mad at you. Stop.” Kory takes a few steps of a running start, enough to be hidden behind the house. He swamps Zoey with the brown monkey … then goes for it. Runs, jumps and dives in the deep in. We here a “no” then a loud “what!” I think that one came from Asa. While Kory is underwater, Andrew says, “Can Zoey hold her breath that long?!” Kory emerges from the bottom as Zoey comes running around the corner. London grabs Mimi and walks into the pool. She was the only one not fooled but the rest had priceless expressions and ALL caught on video.

I also brought in my new Puba Hockey jersey made for me by Joe ( I wanted to record a special shout out to him with Natasha. So the girlie gets naked, throws on my jersey and rubs herself down while saying thank you to Joe. By the way, most of the thank you happened with no clothes on, so the youtube clip below is limited in thank yous but sooner or later the uncensored version will be online. And again, Thank you Joe!

The food was delicious and it was a fun relaxing time for all. Later Dave the Driver arrived with Jackie Daniels and some other peeps. Then some “drunk” chicks showed up as we were leaving.  And the night was done. No fireworks for us, no fighting, no drama … just fun in the sun with friends.Now check out all the pics and the youtube video from the event.

Youtube – PUBA BBQ Video

PUBA shoot with Asa Akira, London Keyes and Natasha Nice

I guess for about 9 or so months we have been running this internet company called I am one of the owners/partners and am in charge of production and editing. I put my vision and skills into the girls’ sites and content. It’s been a lot of work but totally worth it. As the Puba family has expanded from 3 girls to now 9 AND growing weekly. Here is a sample of how much fun we have on sets as well as some samples of our video content.  Below are bunch of pictures and a video blog from a recent shoot with Asa Akira, London Keyes and Natasha Nice culminating in a final scene any DVD company owner and fan would drool for. A 4-way with Asa Akira, London Keyes, Natasha Nice and Mr. Marcus. Continue reading

AEE/AVN Awards Show blog – Part #2 – VIDEO!

Check out the latest Blog … Part #2 from Vegas … read and see my Confrontation with ROBIN LEACH

XPeeps Party, blog of drunken craziness and pictures!

X-Peeps Party July 2008

Where do I begin. This was a pretty interesting night of events. and Wicked were throwing a party in North Hollywood, so as a team we decided to make an appearance. It was Team Anabolic and Team Kick Ass for the night. Raven (Kick Ass Pictures) was meeting me at the office before we headed out to meet Jesse J (our music guy), Randy (our sales team) and Bobby Johnson (our web master) as well as their peeps. I apologize for any ramblings in this blog because I am a bit out of it, sleepy, tired and whatever else effects I am having after last night. Okay … back to the story. Raven shows up with this real hot chick that looks familiar. Then I realize she is this girl that came in before for go sees. And back then I thought she was hot and really cool. You know how we at Anabolic call em, “Wifey” material. Yeah back then she sure was and seemed cool this night. Right of way she ganked my gold chain that I bought earlier for the party. And labeled me her “husband.” Um, I am husband and bitch to my career and edit bay and camera only. But for time being I was like okay, she is hot, husband it is. For now.


Penis ghosts / both stealing my rope

At Jesse’s everyone sat around waiting for someone while sweating their asses off. Freakin dude either didn’t have AC or was a cheap bastard to turn it on. Or I am “big fat fuck” who sweats too much. Either way it was hot. So my gold chain thief was making some weird tasting Vitamin Water mix. She asked me to drink it and after a sip I was done. I mentioned that it tasted like rubbing alcohol and later was told that’s what Vodka tastes like. Yeah I am super light weight. I was encouraged to drink more of that crap but sorry still peer pressure won’t work. I want sweet tasting stuff … give me Sprite or Diet Pepsi son! On the drive to the party my phone rang from an unidentified number. The wife answered it and asked who was calling. The dude on the other line said who’s this? She identified herself as the “wife” and again asked who he was calling for. The dude responded with who’s phone is this? Fuck yo you called my phone and you don’t know who you called? So she hung up on him. And we went back to the new Three6Mafia CD.


Dont drink that Vitamin Water! / Party in the back? /What? / Effects of the Vitamin Water / Put on some Three6Mafia

We arrived at the party right before the red carper was finishing up. For some reason I was still the “husband” but fuck it went with the flow. At the red carpet I spotted my GREAT friend Moxxie doing her thing. She looked amazing. I always mention this but she is one of my favorite people period and a great friend. On the other side of the red carpet was her dude Chris who was taking pictures. And as Moxxie, Chris is a friend which I rarely see. And that sucks. I want to hang out with those two. On the red carpet it was madness as we were interviewed a by a camera crew and photographed by the pornparazzi. We threw out our Anabolic gang signs and promoted the hell out of Anabolic, Kick Ass, I am Ivan, Everokk Records and what ever else flew out of of mouths. Everyone was already buzzed and acting accordingly. I also saw Tori Black who is amazingly pretty and was my co-star in that crazy big write-up by Foxxx Magazine a few months back. Hot and cool. Just like me. My hot comes with sweat though.


Double take /  Pornorazzi / The gang /  more Pornorazzi / Red Carpet


Raven look her, Ivan look there! / Point this! / Posse up! /

Once inside it was filled with people I have worked with before, currently with and will never work with again. It was kind of cool to see some of the people, mostly it was like a High School reunion. But with wanna be cool dudes and the slutty girl in your class. As I really don’t drink, I asked the bartender what she has that isn’t too nasty tasting. So I got something that was yummy yet strong because within a few of those drinks the room was spinning and the girls were much cutier. I was dragged around the party by my new friend as she introduced me to people as her husband. Huh okay? But as the night went on, she seemed to have more of a harem then one handsome Anabolic director. At one point at the bar my friend tells me, that the dude that called me “a big fat fuck” was behind me as he snapped off some pictures. To me it’s like this, okay I am big and fat. But people speak highly of me. Some dudes are better looking yet get shit on by many. Reputation counts for more then a beer .. eerrrr pasta belly in my book. Everywhere I turned I saw familiar faces. Justin Sider was there, so was Mark Zane. Both guys I saw Sunday night at Justin’s Boob-a-Que. I wound up talking a few times to Dick Tracy who spoke very highly of my work. As always it’s beyond flattering when your peers respect you and your work.


Alec Knight is getting angry! / Beard and lights / Raven look down son / Yup a civilian / Fingers and hands


Number one music guy in porn / Monstar! / Three putas /  VIP bitches / VIP Bitchasses

We were given these VIP passes to another part of the club where it was BLAZING hot. The spot felt more like a swap meet as we circled around the tables/booths and made a quick exit before sweating our balls off. On the way out though we ran into Gia Jordan and Monstar. I never pass up an opportunity to take a picture with Gia, who I consider ridiculously hot. Monstar not so much, Gia yes. Monstar no. Those are my votes. As we exited the “vip” area my new friend got in an argument with a guy about the quality of the crappy music in the general area compared to the good sounds in the VIP. A few minutes later we were tolled he was the owner of the place and she was being tossed out. After a few minutes we were back inside quenching our thirst and chillin. At this point the room was spinning and some weirdness was going on. I think I told some people I loved them then spotted my favorite adult couple … Mika Tan and Alec Knight. Mika is theeee most professional person I have ever shot. Of course and very very attractive. As they left again I made sure people knew I loved them. It was time to go and we headed for our cars. In the parking lot some really hot tattooed girl walking with Derrick Pierce runs up to me. I guess she came in for a go see before but at this point I could hardly remember who we came with us. I told her to call me about our new site and series that she would be perfect for. And then I asked Derrick Pierce if he was the guy with all the tats, he said yes and I said I loved them. Wait, I am now realizing I might have been hitting on him in a weird way. Yeah hopefully not. As we jumped in the truck, some really hot chick yells out “later Ivan!” Who?! What?! Where?! and Why?! They all yell when I leave never when I am there.


Oh Gia! / Hot, hotter & hottest / Justin Syder / Layla attacking J-Rok  / Mark’s better side / The oh so amazing Mika Tan


Raven & a friend / What’s coming out of Raven’s nose?

On the drive home, Jesse was the our designated driver. I was nervous having him drive my shit but better him then me. As we drove through the construction area, Raven dares Jesse to hit a cone, I yell no, Raven yells YES and Jesse takes one out. The entire drive back sobered me up as I kept pleading with Jesse to be careful. We decided to go to Del Taco where we realized Randy was not with us. He came with us but where was he now? hhmmm back to the food. At the drive-thru worked a really cute girl. So Jesse decided to tell her that if she is over 18 we can change her world. She proceeded to go in the back where the food was being made. And then we wondered … was she? Is she? Could she? Will she? Yeah most likely but she was cute so who cares. Like Raven said, she doesn’t realize how hot spit from a cute chick is. Bring it on son!


Del Taco cutey / DUI / non-DUI / She got my rope in her mouff 

Back at Jesse’s I kept texting a good friend from another state until Raven grabbed my phone and texted … “no more texting unless it comes with a bj” We left shortly after eating our saliva covered del taco. And headed for Raven’s ride. But first we spotted a cat outside his place and as we exited let the little furry creature into his place.   The night wasn’t complete until the grand finale. As we jumped on the 118 freeway, a Possum decided to make it’s way across our path. It was us or it! Okay it was it! The right side of my truck experienced some bump action causing Raven almost to puke.. The night was over for all involved. Good night my friends and see you in your next life time my white furry possum buddy.