Kirra Lynn — the face, the smile, the BUTT!

About a month or so ago.  Raven from Kick Ass calls me while I’m at lunch.  He was at lunch too.  But he was having lunch with some girl named Kirra Lynn.  Who?  I asked.  He assured me that I needed to see her but as a fat man I was in a middle of some delicious PF Changs and wasn’t budging.  He sent me a few pictures and a link to her agency’s site. She looked amazing in the pictures; the face, the smile, the butt!  Yup that girl was stacked and she did CREAMPIES.  I was in the middle of Creamplosions #3 and she was going to be perfect, plus I just finished my baby Sweet Cheeks #10 and just wanted to shoot her for that RIGHT NOW!  I was assured she would do a great job for us as well.  She loves her job and sex.  Then I had to wait a few weeks before meeting her.  At our BBQ she showed up all dressed in a business suit.  Upon her arrival she was the hit of the place at least when it came to Anabolic crew. The plan was to shoot her for everything we could.

blog_kirra_lynn10.jpgblog_kirra_lynn8.jpgblog_kirra_lynn3.jpgblog_kirra_lynn7.jpgkirra lynn anabolic i am ivan creamploisions #3

At that point I knew I needed to shoot her asap.  So I booked her and this past week got an absolutely great and nasty scene.  It was a two guy creampie and she was filled to the rim.  I found a few fun things about her which made her that much hotter.  She played defensive back in High School, yes that’s football my friends and loves wrestling.  And has that ass.  I would label her a “Wifey” type but I have too many already.  On the ride back I found out she loves to bowl and lives right around the corner from our office.  So now we have a new hot bowling teammate.  The Bowling League starts in 2 weeks and our teams are set.

And my Creamplosions #3 got a bit more hotter.  One scene left but the cast so far is outstanding.


One thought on “Kirra Lynn — the face, the smile, the BUTT!”

  1. Kirra is the hottest wrestler on Ultimate Surrender. With training she could be a contender. In the meantime she will get beaten and fucked which is still good.

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