Sweet Cheeks #11 Party re-cap and PICTURES galore

We weren’t sure what to expect from the party.  What kind of turn out or fun to be had.  All I knew is we invited quite a few people from in and out of the industry.  I invited my oldest friends from way back from the sunny days in LA with knee high socks, when Kiss still wore masks, when Run DMC ruled the hip hop land, when Donald Trump challenged the NFL and where the grass was green and the girls were pretty!  Okay yeah some old school homies of mine plus my good friend from Film School.  I wasn’t sure if they would come but hoped they could meet some of my newer wackier friends.  My friends call me “Slava” and my porn friends call me “Ivan”.  It was going to some sort of social experiment of sorts.
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We arrived early to set-up the spot.  I spent all day putting together the accessories for the evening.  Jesse made the event happen, Su got us giant Sweet Cheeks posters and I wanted to make sure all other essentials were taken care of.  I got two different reels for each monitor, one had all Sweet Cheeks teases from volumes 8 through 10 and one was all about Sweet Cheeks #11.

At first the party was slow but I knew that our Anabolic team of girls was coming … Elena Heiress, Jayden Jaymes and Nikki Sexx.  I also had confirmation from Jessica Bangkok and Vannah Sterling.  But once the party got going it was like giant snow ball getting even bigger and badder.  To be honest this was the best porn event I have attended.  Everyone had an amazing time.  My childhood friends came by and had a blast.  Titties were everywhere, hot girls were on the prowl for other hot girls.  One of my good friends from Film School came by in support.  It was great how everyone mingled and got along.  The conversations were funny as my civilian friends said “Slava” while my porn friends called me “Ivan” but they all liked meeting new people from different walks of life.  Its was like a United Nations of civilian and porn melting pot.  I only wish the Israelis and the Palestinians can learn from us.

Rick Garcia (industrybyrick.net) who I think is one cool dude was the first photographer at the event.  He helped us set-up most of the party and banners.  Then went off on his cool ass ways of shooting pictures.  Big Lou came in with his pornstar skateboards and had a special present for me.  It was a freakin two headed monster baby!  I wore that thing around my neck all night.  Gia Jordan from AVN came by as well with her trusty camera.  As always she had some great ideas for shots and didn’t disappoint with her quality of photos.  Interesting though she seems to get cutier every-time I see her. Once Elena Heiress got there all hell broke loose.  She came with Jessica Bangkok and the lesbian orgies began.  While some stayed in the front and we did our picture things, Elena was having 3-ways and 4-ways all over the bar.  At one point there was a crowd of about 50 people around a couch in the back patio, it was silent with only sounds of girls moaning and cameras clicking.  It was insane! My tall old buddy grabbed my BTS camera and stood over the short perverts in front and got some great footage.

Jayden’s friend Derrick Pierce came by to keep her company and support the Anabolic cause.  Him and I bonded over MMA, that dude has been watching it from the first one like me.  It was weird this hot chick is standing there while we discuss men grappling, kind of interesting but hey it’s about the MMA these days.  Not Men on Men Action but Mixed Martial Arts.  He seemed like a nice guy even for some hot dude with cool tats.  It was cool that Maxi came by to support us, same with Jeff from Fox Magazine.  The turn out was awesome.  And people loved the footage on the monitors, I had compliments from my mainstream filmmaking friends and porn fans alike.  London Keys made her way inside and as usual pulled out her boobs and threw them in my face.  She is looking better then ever and now I need to find more movies to shoot her for.  Of course she didn’t miss the opportunity to jump in the mound of naked chicks on the couch.


After the couch, Elena wanted to grab some chickies to the bathroom, so I gave her my BTS camera and she was off!  I am still not sure what they recorded but according to both her and Jessica Bangkok there is some exciting fun stuff.  After bunch of sex in the bathroom, Elena and Jessica were interrupted by security.  They eventually left the party with big smiles on their faces.

The hot Layla Rivera was there as well flaunting her hotness.  On her way out the door, she grabbed my friend and made-out with him.  As she left the playing field, my friend had a giant smile on his face.  I told him she probably just blew someone in the bathroom.  Yup his expression was priceless.  It was great to see old friends and catch-up, under interesting circumstances but none-the-less really cool.  The party was winding down and we just reflected on how nice it is to have some people in this industry who support us the way they do.  For instance, Vannah Sterling I never shot for Anabolic but she made a long drive just to support us and my movie.  She made new fans every where she walked in the place.  And her compliments about my work, I don’t think she understands how valuable they are to me.  Same with my filmmaking friends.  It really is nice to have people enjoy your work.  I hate people in porn saying, “It’s just Porn” no it’s your job to be professional and creative and do the best possible job to show your name means something.  So to have people enjoy what I do makes the 7 day weeks worth it.


It was great to see people like JAG come out in support.  The girls that made it out, dang they did an amazing job.  The covergirls Jayden Jaymes and Nikki Sexx are fucking awesome, they even did Playboy radio the night before to promote the movie.  There were fans who seemed very impressed with the event and the footage on the screen.  Some even emailed me this morning to thank us for having them there.  That is why I love what I do.  People think it’s the girls, well it’s everything … meeting new people … making new friends … being creative … having these types of events.  Even Chris our boss was there and had a great time.  Jesse did a wonderful job of gathering people and setting up the event.  Most of the Anabolic Crew was there as Randy, Kevin, Richard, Robert, Jesse, me and Chris shmoozed the whole night and just showed everyone, Anabolic is still here kicking ass and taking names.


I would love to thank EVERYONE for coming out to support our event.  STAY TUNED … Next MONTH

Monday March 23rd … My SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY … which no longer is a Surprise.  But yes next month Anabolic is throwing a secret event I found out about, so mark it on your calendars and come support your favorite hefty-furry-fun-tom selleck looking-adorable-workaholic-Director named Ivan and Slava.


TOMORROW I WILL HAVE PICTURES  from RICK GARCIA, AVN, and JAG …. more more more pictures tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Sweet Cheeks #11 Party re-cap and PICTURES galore”

  1. Slava-dude, this was a rocking joint and I cursed myself out all the way home for having to go so early! Elena was just amazing and I think I lost my heart to London – what a cutie/sexy/sweety! Thanks for the invite. Great pics and now I see what I REALLY missed! (more cursing ensues here)

  2. Looks like a great turnout Slava (IVAN). Wish I could have been there. Norm told me he had a fun time at one of the parties he went to with you. Hope all is well.

    Your friend,


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