Sweet Cheeks #11 Marathon – Asa Akira & Jessica Bangkok

With the deadline for completion approaching I was scrambling to get the hottest girlies for my movie. And remembered the high praise Jessica Bangkok has been getting from people that have worked with her.  My homie Elena Heiress raved about Jessica for the longest time. I wanted to shoot a BGG scene with James Deen.  Yeah that fucker who won Male Performer of the year.  Last two times I shot him in a BGG scene they were amazing.  So with James in and Jessica in, my mind scattered all over the porn world’s modeling agencies.  And one chickie really stood out.  Asa Akira.  I have seen pictures of her before and now was ready to shoot her.  With that cute little butt and that face, mixed in with the oh so cute Jessica and that sex monster known as James Deen, I figured I had a winning combination.

asa_jessica_blog12.jpgasa_jessica_blog13.jpg asa_jessica_blog14.jpgasa_jessica_blog15.jpgasa_jessica_blog.jpgasa_jessica_blog2.jpgasa_jessica_blog3.jpg
On set both girls were very professional, arriving on time and ready for work.  I showed both of them the type of stuff I shoot and edit.  They really enjoyed my reel and were gung ho about shooting.  I had two shoots on this day and had to conserve time without compromising my tease footage.  The location dude would not let me shoot any tease outside which was a bummer.  But I had plenty of spots inside to play with.  I brought my home made ring light to the shoot so this was going to be fun.


We did some very interesting angles with the two girls against the mirror which you will see late in the week in the trailer.  I was still in a rush to shoot because we had a new 18 year doing her first scene in LA. And I wanted to dedicate some time to her as well.


The scene was amazing!  It rivaled the nominated scene from Sweet Cheeks #10 with Kristina Rose, Camryn Kiss and James Deen.  It was loud, energetic, rough, fun and crazy.  The The two girls ripped the house down, almost literally.  The newbie stood in the doorway with a giant smile on her face.  She was into it and wait till you see the scene.  Fucking perfectly done by all involved.

Afterward I gave both ladies a stuffed toy, this time being a little Smurf.  They took off and then we started on the newbie.  I will reveal her last in the week because wait till you see this brand new Brazilian / Puerto Rican 18 year old.


To see Asa Akira and other girls in Exclusive solo action visit 1girl1camera.com

Sweet Cheeks #11 – the Jayden Jaymes scene

jayden_jaymes_blog.jpg jayden_jaymes_blog2.jpgjayden_jaymes_blog3.jpgjayden_jaymes_blog4.jpgjayden_jaymes_blog5.jpgjayden_jaymes_blog6.jpgjayden_jaymes_blog7.jpg


I first met Jayden Jaymes at our Anabolic Viper Room Party.  She never worked for us but was kind enough to come out and support our event.  She was definitely hot but very cool as well.  When she first walked in I was thinking to myself how the hell can I get her into ALL of our movies.  The wheels began to spin and I definitely knew she was total Sweet Cheeks covergirl material.  There was not going to be any chance that any of the girls would replace her.  She has a huge fan following and looks that would make a gay man crave tuna.  Of course a good scene was a must as well.  On set Jayden was professional as if she was a civilian girl.  We all know hot porn chicks on many occasions run shit on their own time.  Well she was early with bells on.


When she came out of the dressing room, all in high heels with that little outfit on, I knew that this was going to be the cover shoot whether she ran from the dick or enjoyed every minute of it.  She said she enjoyed being slapped around, so Sascha didn’t dissapoint.  He slapped her so hard upon her request I was ready to drop the camera and defend my new friend.  “Yo Sascha it’s on stop smacking my friend around!” was what ran through my head UNTIL Jayden yelled out, “slap me harder!” Well dang you want it, go ahead my German friend whack her again I thought.  The scene was fantastic filled great energy with the only set back coming after the cum shot as my so-called “German friend” slapped her face with his wiener causing in a effect a spew of cum to hit my camera lens and unfortunately me.  Jayden was kind enough to lick the cum off but only from the camera lens.  I guess my friendship with Sascha on this day was more personal then with Jayden.  Next time she asks me to lick semen off her, see if I do it … um nope sorry friend.


After that scene it was obvious that we needed to shoot this chick in everything we could. So I threw her into a GGA scene with Jewel Styles for the latest Teenage Anal Princess #9. And later another Sweet Cheeks #11 scene.


And there is plenty more coming with Jayden Jaymes.

To see her on set antics go check out BestPORNweekEver.com as well as some solo fun on www.1girl1camera.com

Bowling League REMINDER

REMINDER:We are starting the league tomorrow. Come on out and join us. It’s at 7pm, 2 person teams and loads of fun.  If you can’t make it every week that’s fine.  We will leave an open slot team for two people every week.  You can and bowl on that team.
AMF Rocket Bowl
Address: 9171 De Soto Ave.
Chatsworth, CA. Zip: 91311
818) 341-0070

Contact me at iamivandotcom@gmail.com

Long week PLUS girls in hats

Got a long week ahead of me.  Three straight Sweet Cheeks #11 shoots.  With some HOT girls.  But shooting Super Bowl Sunday morning which is not nor something I planned but had to do.

Then we have an Anabolic Sweet Cheeks #11 release party on the 18th.  Meaning this movie needs to be edited by next Thursday.

But for now here are 2 pictures of girls taking and wearing my hats.  From Rock of Love Miley Mei Dior and Kitty Bella


Why I am the way I am

Why I am the way I am is very simple. I was taught to respect everyone,  particularly women.  It’s simple treat others as you would like to be treated or your loved ones treated.  Many have told me that I have a great reputation as a good guy or being very respectful.  It’s kind of sad that it’s not the norm.  Why would some try to make someone do something they are not comfortable with?  Isn’t the whole point of being a director is to get the best possible scene or movie? How making people uncomfortable a good way of getting the best out of them.  Why would a director try to fuck the girls or get BJs rather then concentrate on the job at hand (no pun intended).  Because they care about themselves first … not their movie or the women they are dealing with.   Anyways, here is what sparked this blog.

A few days ago I was watching American Idol.  The last girl to audition was this adorable 17 year old hippie girl.  Great attitude and smile and personality but with a sad story.  She lost her parents in separate occasions as a young child and was adopted by a friend’s family.  It was a heart wrenching story.  And I imagine everyone watching either teared up or felt for this girl.  She made the audition which probably sparked a big smile around the country for this girl.

Now being a porn director, girls like this sometimes come to our industry.  Sad stories, broken homes, etc.  Just no other place to turn to so they come to Los Angeles, not for music but for us.  This American Idol girl was only months away from being legal to join the adult industry.  As we felt for her and her sad story on American Idol, why would this feeling change if let’s say … no where else to turn she came to the industry?  Does that change our thought process about her?  Now should the directors or producers or agents  treat her not as the cute little hippie aspiring singer but just a “porn chick”?

We see girls like her daily, but we just don’t see a high budget backstory given to us by Fox. So for some I guess it makes a difference and they treat the girls accordingly.  For me, that girl represents what most people have to deal with, especially in the industry.

That’s why to me every girl I deal with is that American Idol girl, just someone who is trying to find her way in this world.

Teenage Anal Princess #9 – PICTURES & cover & Trailer


Here is the full gamut of all Teenage Anal Princess #9 fun.  We got pictures from every set with Dakoda Brookes, Jewel Styles, Jayden Jaymes, Emma Heart, Lena Mendez, Jayden Williams and Megan Murray.







  •  EMMA HEART (1st BBGA)




My FEDOR and Affliction experience on VIDEO

Here is an interesting fact.  I have been an MMA fan since 1993 when UFC first started with the “No Holds Barred” fighting.  We would gather and watch the Pay-Per-views at my friends house then watched him grapple with his brother.  Sounds a bit gay but it wasn’t, well maybe a little.  There were a few years when UFC disappeared where my interest cooled off.  Then with Pride and UFC doing popularity battles, I kind got some Russian pride back watching Fedor Emelianenko kick ass in Japan while Andre “The Pit Bull” Arlovski was running shit in the UFC.  Arlovski quickly became my favorite fighter as he looked like my favorite movie monster, a werewolf.  Shaggy hair, giant beard and fang mouth piece.  At one point I debated adding a last name to my porn name … Ivan Arlovski.  Yup gay moment number two of the blog.


Anyways, my only live UFC event I attended, he lost and there went the dream of us uniting in names.  Moment #3.

So when this Fedor/ Arlovski fight was put together by Affliction I was excited not sure who to route for.  The Russian or the Belarusian.  I was going to be neutral.  THEN while at work I get a text from my brother (Ricky D) who was shooting ringside stills at Affliction that there was an extra ticket for me.  Su, Hans and I jumped in the truck and jetted to Anaheim.  The card was stacked.  I wanted to see Vitor Belfort vs. Matt Lindland badly.  I’m a big Belfort fan.  And what he did in his knocking out of Lindland was sick.  Lindland convulsed and rolled around the canvas for like 10 minutes still out and still grabbing people in fighting motion.  (Check out the Video clips below of this) Also Josh Barnett vs. Gilbert Ivel looked to be a classic but wound up being a slow ground and pound victory by Barnett.  Babalu was so freaking impressive in his win.  That dude is fun to watch then during the post fight interview challenged Tito Ortiz.  Speaking of Tito Ortiz, he was booed every time he went into the ring to interview people.  Plus he fucking kept calling Fedor, “Theodore” Okay where was Alvin and Simon, Tito?  (VIDEO of booing below)  Also Paul Buentello destroyed “Baby Fedor” Kiril Sidellnikov, who just looked over matched and out of shape.


THEN it was TIME! (many clips below from this fun fight)

Andrei Arlovski first entered the ring to some heavy metal song that sounded like they were yelling Andrei will fuck you up, or something like that.  It was cool as Arlovski’s entourage waved a flag draped on each side with the Belarus and USA flag.  As a Russian I had goosebumps, this was going to be amazing.  There were Russians every in the crowd.  In front of me sat a group of them wearing Russian Team sweat suites.  I was actually taken back by my pride of my Russian heritage.  Fedor’s entrance was something to behold.  He has no emotion, just a stare into the ring … while a Russian song, sounding almost like a russky Johnny Cash blasted.  Very cool.  The crowd was going crazy and when he stepped into the ring the roar was deafening.  At this point all I thought about was damn Fedor knock the Pit Bull the fuck out!  I was more like Ivan Volkoff from WWE, “Russian number one! Belarus pppheeww!” as I spit on the floor.

The fight began as Arlovski pressed the issue, actually making Fedor duck, bob and weave and back up.  Then it happened!  Arlovski went for a flying knee AND WHAM!!! He was out in the air, falling fast like a chopped down tree.  FACE FIRST!  Out cold! Hands to each side, body limp, breathing heavy … snoring.  Fedor caught him with a right as Arlovski was in mid. air.  And just like that was out, bad.  The crowd went bonkers!  I was screaming.  People who didn’t say a word to each other all show, high-fived one another. Fedor brought us all together with one precise right hook.  In his pre-fight he said he wants to bring people together with his fights.  And he sure did.

Fedor is the Mother Teresa of Fighting.


 VIDEOS – click and WATCH

XPEEPS / Blue Moon Party last night – pics.

When I ran into Moxxie Maddron at the Convention she told me about this party being thrown by Hell House Media at the Blue Moon Nights.  I don’t really party or drink or partake in porn nonsense BUT when I do I like to be a little out there at least wardrobe wise.  So to me there were three good reasons to do this.  First, support my really really really good friend Moxxie in her party venture, she was the host so how can I miss an opportunity to at least say hello to my bud.  Second,  help promote and get out Nikki Sexx into the porn world.  She has been a loyal Anabolic and IamIvan supporter, so what the hell this girl deserves to get her name out there, big time.  And finally another opportunity to act weird and wacky and dress like a semi-blind 12 year at another porn party.


For days I went through many different wardrobe choices, shoes, hats, bling, beard colors … you name it, I thought about it.  On the day off I decided to got with all orange with my new airbrushed white shirt that read “Ivan’s Best PORN week Ever” in bright orange letters!  But as I waited for Nikki and Jesse to arrive, I swapped my gear for a less vibrant, all black top and bottom with my NEW airbrushed trucker hat that said “I am Ivan Productions” and of course matching retro red and blue Jordans.  And of course cheesy skull bling with an “Ivan” silver bling chain.  Oh AND a roughneck sleevless jacket.  Boo Yaa I was kind of gangsta mixed with 80’s dude with my golden Christopher Atkins locks flowed through the air.

hellhouse1.jpg hellhouse22.jpg

While Nikki and I waited for Jesse, I showed her my new pride, my reel.  I loved her reaction as she smiled like a kid in the candy store, impressed with my work.  At that point I knew it was going to be a good night, time, whatever. So check this out, this hot ass team player was dressed to kill, face, hair, boobs, butt, the dress and “Ivan” buttons. Yup, she was sportin me on her boobs.  Kind of.

We were one of the first to arrive at the event with only fans in line.  Porno Dan grabbed us and escorted us in.  Dan is slowly groing on me as one of the better media people out there.  He does his homework which is very important.  Plus always seems to be on top of his shit.  Inside I ran into Rick (Industry by Rick) and asked if he would kindly snap some off of Nikki.  He took her away and got some great shots.  This was a big shmoozefest, I introduced my two person entourage to Moxxie. And after she walked away they were like, um yeah that chick is hot.  And I was like um yeah, hot on the outside … hotter on the inside or would that be cooler?  Either way she is great people, period.

hellhouse2.jpg hellhouse3.jpghellhouse4.jpghellhouse5.jpghellhouse6.jpghellhouse8.jpghellhouse7.jpghellhouse9.jpghellhouse10.jpghellhouse11.jpghellhouse12.jpghellhouse13.jpghellhouse14.jpghellhouse15.jpghellhouse16.jpghellhouse17.jpghellhouse18.jpghellhouse19.jpghellhouse20.jpg

On the red carpet Porno Dan grabbed me for a quick interview.  Again that dude had his knowledge down.  As the camera rolled he asked me about and promoted the hell out of IamIvan.com and especially 1girl1camera.com.  That right there is great PR and fucking Porno Dan was my hero.  Through the night we got great pictures and some cool videos.  Ran into bunch of friends, aquinatnces and future co-workers.  Dakoda Brookes was there, so was Amai Liu and that cute new chick I met at the Convention.  I guess today she is doing her first scene.  I managed to hook up with a guy who does custom wrestling belts.  Think about this, in the future an IamIvan belt to wear to these events.  Now that’s Perfect! <spits gum and slaps it away>

PICTURES in below section are from IndustrybyRick


After the event we ate at the awesomeness called the Coral Cafe in Burbank before heading back.  Nikki went home, while Jesse and I slept at the office.  In separate rooms, maybe …

hellhouse23.jpg hellhouse24.jpghellhouse25.jpg

To see Nikki Sexx doing some nasty stuff … go to