Nice Rack #15, a few more pictures

No time for a blog, I am cutting away at the movie but here are a few new pictures from the production


Nice Rack #15, NO SLEEP SON!


Okay I planned on making a big elaborate blog about my last two weeks. But I have hardly enough time to sleep at all. Averaging about 3 hours a night. Maybe. In non-porn news our horror flick Roadside Killer got accepted in Sacramento Horror Film Festival.


We just completed editing our first shot on HD movie, 100% Black, It’s a Black Thang. We shot and edited the entire project in two and a half weeks. And the last week I shot 6 scenes for Nice Rack #15, my first shot on HD title for Anabolic AND it’s going to be a 2 DVD set!!! I have 20 hours of shooting to go through and edit, yikes! Today is the final scene of shooting. We had so many cancellations it’s nuts. One girl had spots all over her, one showed up with smaller boobs then she had before, one wound up in a hospital and one was not as advertised. But we a lot of hard work and help from my Production Manager, Tony T. we are almost done. We shot 6 scenes in 5 days. And unlike other people shooting multiple scenes in a day, we don’t do the production line shooting. I shoot up to 30 minutes of elaborate tease, doing something so freakin cool on this one that all the girls not only were impressed but want to work with us, for us again and again. We are also doing something new with this boobie thing, Tony’s idea. And then we have our boy Ken Dark with his crazy interviews with the girls. BTW, all the pictures are done from Ken Dark’s crazy mind.


So here are a few pictures for now until I get a chance to do a bigger blog this weekend, with video clips and loads of PICTURES!


Today’s hot cover girl NATASHA NICE real DD’s on this 18 year old

Long week and 4th of July explosions!

The past few weeks have been very busy for the entire Anabolic team. From what I hear it’s going to get even crazier. But since I have a few minutes, I figured I can do a quick update. In the last 2 weeks I completed two movies … A2M #11 and Creamplosions. Both turned out as perfect. The reviews for Sweet Cheeks #8 keep coming in and are very positive. In the last week or so I have spent a total of maybe 15 hours at home, just taking quick naps and feeding the cat. Last weekend was filled with shooting non-adult footage all weekend long, it was ridiculously hectic. So far this week we have been working on Tony’s HD movie. Starting this morning I am beginning production on Nice Rack #15. Finally oh so finally we get big boobie girls!

July 4thJuly 4th

Last night we spent Fourth of July at working, editing all day then watching fireworks. On Tuesday night I slept at the office from 2 to 4am then edited until having late breakfast with friends from work. Then it was back to the edit bay until we headed for dinner then the fireworks show. We ate at P.F. Chang’s where we spotted a few ex-porn people. For dinner we had Tony, my brother, Ken Dark, Dan, Trey, myself, and John Strong. After dinner we went to the Topanga Park for the fireworks show. We were like entourage the show, walking through the massive crowd of people. This time it was just Dan, Tony, John, and I. We met Chris and Su and the families in the middle of this jungle. Su was kind enough to grab the HD camera from the office so we can get some great stock footage. I have never been to a fireworks show and was very anxious.

July 4thJuly 4th

The show was amazing! And the footage I got was priceless. Somehow I need to throw it into a movie. After the show Tony, John, and Trey went to see Transformers … I went back to editing. The time we spent as a team and family was golden. It was a very patriotic moment that made us all closer. Dan and I had a great conversation on the way back to the office. This team is getting tighter and tighter and I am anxious to see what we will be doing next.

It was another long night, short sleep time and now begins a 7 day stretch of shooting and editing Nice Rack #15. Oh wait, I am also editing two other movies. And the “Girls with Cameras” Gallery … well I got dozens of girls I need to add. Time is a precious commodity these days. Back to editing then shooting then editing I go.


Erotica LA 2007 (day #2), the girls, the girls, and it’s a FAMILY!

Erotica LA 2007 … Day #2
For the second day I decided to arrive a little after 1pm. Upon my arrival I was told that the rest of the posse won’t be getting there until after 5pm. So I figured I would find some people to chill with but couldn’t find anybody. Our PR guy extraordinaire (Mike Moz) was somewhere in the building and I was going to go and hang with him. He knows a lot of pretty girls, which is nice. By a lot, I mean A LOT! And he is one of a few people I met in porn that likes sports for real. Dang last week he wore a Tampa Bay Storm shirt, now that’s pretty freakin cool. Speaking of sports and cool. I decided to wear my old school purple and yellow Luc Robitaille LA Kings jersey and my NWA hat. Figuring we are in downtown LA and people will appreciate that. Well, they did. I had numerous compliments on the jersey and hat. All I would hear across the convention floor was “Luc!” or “Lucky”, both nicknames for Luc Robitaille.

While searching for Mike’s number I get a text from Jolene (aka Princess Jolene). She was at the convention as well. Jolene writes for a few media outlets ( and was the star of Roadside Killer #2. We met up and wandered through the rows of craziness. We ran into a few people like Skronker, Dan, and couple more. It was getting a little bit annoying listening to the Pornstar Karaoke booth so we headed outside. As we walked towards the exit, a really cute girl blind-sides me as we step through one of the doors. It was my home girl Cassidy Essence, she just arrived with her posse of girls. She looked awesome and I think made me blush under the thick layer of bear fur on my face. We briefly talked then Jolene and I headed for the exit.
This is where the real craziness began. At this point Jolene took off home to write a nice article about me. Mike Moz was waiting for us outside, we briefly spoke before hoards of chicks in high heels, short skirts, and poofy hair poured outside. Followed by dozens of photographers. They started taking pictures of the girls in front of the convention center, I can’t imagine how may fender benders this caused. Then all of a sudden, my new hero, Mike grabs a bunch of the girls and all the photographers and runs them towards me. I was dazed from all the boobage coming my way, I was light headed … wear to look? Wear to grab!? How to keep from passing out?! And the flashes started, snap snap snap and it was over. It’s one of those surreal moments when with each flash time slows down and everyone’s voice sounds like Barry White. It was nuts, to my right was Brianna Love, Paulina James and right next to me was um, um, um, yes I lose my breath around her, Gianna Lynn. To my left was Trina Michaels, Eva Angelina and next to me was Nautica Thorn and all of a sudden underneath me appeared Sunny Lane and some really cute chick. It was one of those kodak moments that was captured by a whole bunch of kodaks.


Inside I ran into a buddy of mine, Tyla Wynn. I don’t collect signed pictures but her being a friend I figured she might make it an interesting one. She said next year I had to blow out my birthday candles out of her ass. Which would be fine with me. This year I spent my post birthday evening with her and Heather Gables. Heather baked me a delicious birthday cake. In fact Heather bakes great brownies as well. I always worry she is going to spike my brownies and take advantage of me. Actually I don’t but that could be fun. Ran into Marie Luv, who commented how much she liked the A2M #11 trailer. Put a smile on my face. Ran into Brianna Love. All I heard was Slavir! As she ran up to me, I liker her. She is very nice and so amazingly cute. And about the Slavir thing, it’s her personal touch on my real name Slava. Dang she can call me bitch for all I care. Her smiles are like yawns, once she starts you have to smile back. Too cute.


Then came the time to do PR. Ken Dark brought Hannah West and then the Stevens Sisters arrived (Britney and Whitney). We walked around with the girls handing stuff out and taking pictures. The girls took pictures with Ron Jeremy and got interviewed for the Howard Stern show. I managed a picture with Melrose Larry Green and my old boss and buddy Tom Byron. Then came the whole Anabolic gang. Chris, Su, Dan, Ricky D, and Tony T. We grabbed all our merchandise and went crazy. People were following us all over the floor asking for hats, shirt, stickers, pictures with the girls. Damn it was nuts. I had a few people approach and ask me if I was Ivan. I guess more people read my blog then I thought. It was kind of cool. A lot different from when I worked at my past job. This time the looks at me were out of respect and not of disdain.

While handing stuff out I got to know Stevens girls a bit, they are pretty cool and my neighbors. They live in LA and only a few blocks from me. Britney also commented on how much she liked the trailer. After our meals, most of the crew took of. Again the Mozinator hooked us up and got us on the red carpet. We were five strong this time … Hannah West, Ricky D, Rico Strong, Ken Dark, and me. It’s kind of interesting to have this attention, my bro seems to love it a lot. And me, well … it’s fun, kind of gives you a little boost of energy when the nights go long while working, puts things into better-cooler-funner light. Before the FAME Awards we decided to treat fans to a little Anabolic love. While all other companies and performers chatted with each other, we spent the entire time talking to the fans and handing out shirts, hats, and stickers. Fans were yelling and screaming and pushing. I felt like a big titty chick with all that attention. I gave stuff to people who seemed creative in attention getting. Anyone who commented on my hat or jersey got stuff! Any cute girl got stuff. And then any guy with sports gear got stuff. Plus the person with the coolest beg got stuff. It was fun I wish we had more to give out. But the Convention floor was now littered with fans wearing Anabolic hats and shirts. It was awesome.


I had to leave before the Awards show started. Our Friday MOVIE NIGHT was canceled last night. But tonight we had to do our thing. Tre was at the office working and so was Tony. To us this a family and we have to stick together. It’s about the Anabolic family and team and our movie nights!

As Tony, Tre and I drove to the theater. I said you know the rest of the industry is probably getting laid right now. And Tre responded with, “yeah but are these people with people they truly like?” I guess that said it all. After a long weekend of glitzes and lights, at the end of the weekend the night is spent with true friends and family. Anabolic Bitch!

Erotcia LA, the dinner, the red carpet, the HYPE! Anabolic bitch!

Erotica LA 2007
Me, Tony T, and my bro., Anabolic Bitch!

First day of Erotica LA 2007, for the Anabolic crew was spent at the office working our asses off. Since it was Friday, the plan was to go do our thing and still make it to our Friday Movie Night. We had a lot scheduled for the night, which began for us at 7pm when we got on the 101 freeway heading for Downtown Los Angeles. The stops before the movie were, the convention, the dinner get together, then some Red Carpet stuff for a big Porn Hollywood Party. At the Convention I ran into an old friend from Junior High and High School, I saw him last year as well. We made our rounds, seeing a few people along the way. Then we headed for the exit because we still had a long night ahead, plus our MOVIE! As we walked out of the building up runs an amazingly cute girl and gives me a hug. Startled! I moved back then embraced an opportunity for the hug. She looked at me and asked if I remembered her. After my heart beat slowed down, I remembered alright. It was Tera Wray from Pleasure. I met her at the XRCO Awards and this girl besides being gorgeous is so nice and has the nose I would kill for. I mean she has the perfect nose. If I was into young hot nice girls, she would be a “wifey” material. Well damn, why not a wifey material, now. Okay Wifey #4, son.

Erotica LA 2007
Damn yo, always in character!

On the way to bar for the ADT thing, we drove through skid row. Tony was shocked of what he saw. He couldn’t believe that people lived like that, in United States no less. For people who have never experienced Skid Row, it’s a stretch of blocks where homeless people live and run it like it’s their own town. There are huge boxes and small tents lining the sidewalks, filled with people. Sad but true. At the ADT dinner we met many of the regulars like Vinh, bono, skronker, JAG, Steph, Drew, Devinn, etc. Crazy thing though even dressed down Devinn is so freakin hot. We were in a rush to get to the Red Carpet party thing Moz our PR guy had set-up for us. But we managed a good 90 minutes of fun with the crew from ADT. The best part was seeing Tony T talking and bonding with people from the site. It’s good for people to get to know the guy for what he is. A cool motherfucker. Skronker set-up an interview with Tony for Saturday, which I can’t wait for! As we were leaving people started showing up from the Convention.

THE ARRIVAL, the red carpet (VIDEO)
The arrival, the Team, the rejection!

They like us! (VIDEO)

They like us, they really like us!

We got to the Red Carpet at around 11pm, thinking it was too late. But our boy Moz was there waiting for us. We got there and he threw us on the red carpet. Some Latin TV show approached us after a series of promo shots. As the interviewer walked up to me, I grabbed his microphone and it became the Anabolic show, I introduced my boys, the posse, the familia! We spent the next 10 minutes promoting ourselves, the company, the movies … it was actually exciting. I was then approached by a girl that I couldn’t take my eyes of. She was new to the business, one scene in and was talking about her radio show. Dang to me all I wanted to talk about was the new Wifey, Wifey #5. Her name was Ryder Skye.
We talked for a bit then her PR guy grabbed my bro and I, threw us back on the red carpet and the flashes started again. At this point I had to put my “locs” on to look a little cooler. But in reality I was covering my tired face. I really want to shoot her, I want to give her my credit card as well. But I think we will stick to just shooting her. We then were interviewed by Tony Batman and finally by some television show. The guy looked like a mixture of Naughty by Nature’s Treach, Kid from Kid ‘n’ Play, and the singer from Living Color. He loved our bond and interview so much that he wanted to hang with us on our Friday Movie nights. Damn, speaking of movie nights, it was midnight and we missed ours!

Erotica LA 2007
my bro, Ryder (wifey #5), and me

After a few more interview and photo sessions, we left. We spent 4 hours in three different locations with dozens of people AND spent $50 on parking. It was a fun night for the three Anabolic Musketeers and our music genius Jesse, we bonded even more and had a great time. Tomorrow is another day at the Convention, a full day of meeting and greeting and loads of interviews.

Erotica LA 2007

Erotica LA 2007
The media, the ladies, the peddlers, the Anabolic team, son!

Erotica LA 2007

Interviewed again.

Roadside Killer at the Carnival and cat fights

This past weekend was our Roadside Killer weekend. We met, we shot, we edited. On Saturday we had a long productive day editing the first scene of the movie. We also bought a shirt for Sunday’s shoot. This past weekend there was a carnival next to my partner’s house and we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get some footage of the Roadside Killer having a fun off day at the Carnival. <br><br>When we arrived at the Carnival, it was as Latino as it gets. Latin music, latin food, latin people, latin world. Roadside Killer and I were the only gringos there. And not were we the only gringos there, dang we stuck out like a sore thumb. He was wearing a bright orange shirt and a gas mask and I was running around with a camera shooting everything in sight.<br><br>We shot our friendly serial killer on the Ferris Wheel which was priceless as he waved at people, took pictures with his cell phone, celebrated and had fun. At that point we started getting a gathering of people. Especially kids who kept trying to jump into frame. They asked if he was famous and what kind of movie we were shooting. It was pretty cool as not only we stood out it seemed as we were almost the main attraction next to the band belching out song after song. One thing that was impressive is how friendly people were, not one person seemed to mind us shooting. Can you imagine if this happened in Chatsworth or any white populated area, it would have been an egofest of “what’s this for? do you have permits? you need releases? turned that off!” We had none of that just people having fun and being very polite and cordial. I’m not knocking the “white man” but I have never experienced such friendliness while holding a camera.<br><br>Eventually we shot bunch of Carnival games with our “bad guy”. There was the shooting gallery, the dart game, and a few others. Even the people running the games were cool with us shooting quick scenarios around their booth. <br><br>After the shoot we had dinner while watching the footage. We shot almost 30 minutes at the carnival and this stuff will make for a great little scenario. Let’s call it Roadside Killer #2.5.

Roadside Killer at the Carnival

Just when I thought my night’s fun had ended, I was dead wrong. Anyone who has gotten off the 101 on the Highland exit, knows how bad traffic can be. Well on Sunday at 11pm and the Hollywood Bowl letting people out, it was horrendous. But for some reason the traffic the other direction was as bad. When I finally crept up on the problem, it was a car just stopped in the middle lane. But it’s hazard lights were off and as I drove slowly by, there was a guy in the driver’s seat. Out cold! Sleeping or dead not sure but there were 100’s of cars around him and he wasn’t moving. And then ironically, going from that possible tragic scene to seeing Danny Glover in his souped up SUV driving next to me … well that’s LA for you.

But the night wasn’t over. So I get home and decide to watch a movie. I haven’t watched anything at home in so long. I have seven DVD’s still wrapped. As I sat down to watch the movie, I hear cats fighting outside. At that point I realize my cat “Ruffles” hasn’t given me her usual greeting and meow talk. I stopped the movie and called for her, shaking her treats box in hopes of getting her attention. Nothing. Sometimes I leave the balcony open for her to chill on but she wasn’t on it this time. Now I’m thinking the little monster jumped off the balcony then I hear more ass kicking on a cat. I run outside to the backyard and see a shadow run across the dark yard into a corner. Then my heart stops as something begins to run behind me, towards ME!. At this point I am thinking, this is it my dreams of meeting a werewolf have come true. Get ready to be dinner! I tentatively look back and see a big grey fur ball coming my way. It was Ruffles all disheveled coming my way, I grabbed her and spotted the other cat across the yard. I bowed to it in respectful manner, like Mr. Miyagi taught me … good fight alleycatson, you are the winner. And took the defeated Ruffles Liddell inside.

Sadly my night was done as I realized that my dreams of me competing Ruffles in underground Cat Fights was over. For her it was back to eating all day and coughing up fur balls and for me I guess the dream is lost but I still have the Roadside Killer.

Girls with Cameras from A2M #11 … pictures

As I have been doing for the past 4 years, I am still taking pictures of girls with my Super-8 cameras. I recently completed another movie for Anabolic. This one entitled A2m #11. The cast of girls in the movie is as follows: Aline, Britney Stevens, Lexi Luv, Maria Bellucci, Marie Luv and Maya Gates. Later this week I will have a full update

AlineBritney StevensLexi LoveMaria BellucciMarie LuvMaya Gates

A2M #11 Trailer is up and Cassidy Clay

Here are two links to the new A2M #11 trailer.

Plus here are a few pictures of Cassidy Clay, from Tony T’s latest shoot for “It’s a Black Thang”. This girl I have wanted to shoot for a long time, ever since I edited a scene with her for Anabolic Initiations #19. Tony beat me to the punch and I had a field day admiring her.

Cassidy Clay with CameraCassidy Clay with Camera2

Emotional night at the Stanley Cup

Sometimes there are moments that are priceless, things that you will remember the rest of your lives. Times you share with loved ones that bond you and give you that smile every-time you remember it. Few weeks back my brother and I decided to find Stanley Cup tickets for our dad’s birthday. Hockey has a history in our family. My first experience with hockey was back in 1979 watching the mighty Montreal Candiens take on the purple and gold Los Angeles Kings. It was amazing seeing our home team take on legends like Patrick Roy, Larry Robinson, Guy Carbonneau, Chris Chelios, Petr Svoboda, Mats Naslund, Chris Nilan and Claude Lemieux. That sticks in my mind even 30 years later. I also remember watching my brother play ice hockey every sunday morning at 7am for about 4 years. I played street hockey goalie for years, until getting badly injured. So when the local Anaheim Ducks made it to the Cup, we had to find tickets.TicketsThe BrothersThe ArenaThe BlimpTHE TICKETS

While my brother drove to the house, I ordered the tickets. Expensive but priceless. Our dad, nightly watches hockey, yelling and screaming at the television. We knew this would be the perfect gift. When we told him about the tickets, the look in his eyes made it all worth it. He didn’t believe us and questioned the price. After we assured him it was real, the hard nosed Russian man was so soft spoken and happy. That night we had family over for dinner and all he could do is talk about his two sons. It was one of those times when a look is worth more then any thank you. It made his night. But there was still doubt about the game. The tickets were for Game #5, meaning one team had to win at least a game to make it back to Anaheim from Ottawa. Our dream scenario was for the Ducks to win three of four and come back to Anaheim to win the cup. And hoist it in front of us and our dad.With anticipation we watched the first two home games, which the Ducks won. All we needed was one win by Ottawa at home. They did, winning game three. It was set, WE WERE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP! But now we needed the Ducks to pull out game 4 so we can possibly see the clincher at home, with our dad. And the Ducks just as we hoped, took the game. Now the excitement for us was overwhelming. We could see history being made, we can see the cup being raised, and all this with our dad for his birthday. It was setting up to be as special moment as it could be.


The day of the game, I was coming off three straight sleepless nights of work. And arrived at my parents house a little later then I should have. Sometimes work dictates life unfortunately. The drive from Los Angeles to Anaheim is usually long but in rush hour we knew we were in for a long ride. I fell asleep in the back seat only waking up thanks to my loud snoring. We arrived at the game a few minutes before the opening face-off. On the way to the arena we saw exactly how Orange County goes, the cops were on these stand-up scooters! It was priceless moment number one. I chased one snapping pictures of him. From the outside we can hear the Canadian national anthem playing and as we walked in we heard a first cheer when a Duck player took his opponent hard into the boards. While looking for our seats I couldn’t take my eyes off all the cool merchandise. I knew I was going to shell out a lot of money on this night.


I must quickly mention, the Ducks organization are geniuses! They have these hot girls with snow shovels skate out between action and shovel snow!


As we got to our seats the atmosphere was amazing. Each seat had draped over it an orange Stanley Cup Duck towel. And the entire place was covered in blonde OC girls wearing orange shirts, the guys wearing Ducks jerseys, and a sporadic read Ottawa Senators jersey peeked through the masses. After the first period the Ducks were up 2-0, I headed for the merchandise store, ready to buy the world. The line just to get in was 15 minutes and once in, the line to buy was another 20. I ran around like a kid gathering stuff. I bought a jersey with a Stanley Cup patch, I bought a laniard, I bought two pucks one for me and one for my brother, I bought a Stanley Cup shirt for our dad, and a few buttons. As I stood in line a lady asked me if she could cut in line because her five year old daughter was crying about missing the game. She offered to buy me something, so well, I had her get me buttons … lots of buttons. Before getting back to my seat, I changed outfits. I threw on my Duck jersey and arrived at the seat with the Ducks now being up 2-1. Maybe I’m good luck, not sure, but as soon as I got back the Ottawa Senators scored on themselves. It was again a two goal lead and that much closer to the Cup.

The EntranceScoreboard

I showed my brother the puck I got him but he asked me to give his to our dad. He told me a story that not only put a tear in my eye the rest of the game but made my knees buckle a bit. Our dad is pretty tough and unemotional but while I was gone he told my brother that when he was young in Russia he would watch the Stanley Cup. He would see fans going crazy. He thought he would never get an opportunity like that and this was an amazing moment for him. That right there, no matter the the result is what it’s all about. I handed our dad the puck, he smiled played with it and screamed as the Ducks scored again.

The rest of the game was thrilling as the crowd chanted “Emery” who is Ottawa’s goalie, they chanted we “We want the cup” as well and it seemed as it was inevitable. In the third period the question was answered as Ottawa’s penalty shot was stopped. At that point the whole crowd new it was the Ducks game, the Ducks night, and the Ducks year. And all of us were witnessing history. The buzz in the air didn’t stop, the Ducks were now up 6-2 and the goose bumps I had then, I have now as I remember the final minute of the game. The final count down began as the crowd was going crazy and the Duck bench pounded the boards with their sticks. Emotion overdrives you as over 17,000 people stand hand in hand watching the clock tick down waiting for that 3, 2, 1 and the siren. Some held back their tears, some cheered over them but we all were emotional. Our dad had the biggest emotional smile I have seen only other time. It was very personal moment then and very personal now but this time this moment we were sharing with an Arena of screaming happy fans.

celebrationcelebration2ConfettiThe Handshakes

The players stormed the ice, the fans waved their towels, the emotional music hit the speakers. It’s one of those times that as I type I visualize and remember and tear up over. We shared history together, for our dad’s birthday. A one in a lifetime experience. As the confetti fell people hugged. I snapped off pictures with one particular standing out so much to me. It was picture of our dad yelling with the confetti and the rink behind him. Behind him you can see the team celebrating, around him you see confetti and to his right is a lady, head up eyes closed and smiling, crying and enjoying the shower of confetti. It’s an amazing picture from an amazing night.

IamCelebratingStill Celebrating There are moments in life that we go through that no matter what will always bring back emotions. Good or bad, sad or happy. There are things beyond our control and all you can do is sit back and hope for the best. Ride the wave with hopes of not drowning. This moment in our lives is a moment that will stay with us forever. We shared something we thought we would never experience, especially not together. The raw emotion we all shared was unforgettable and the bond we had is even stronger. To this day I tear up thinking of what we shared. And from that day forward my bond with my brother and Dad reached a new high. Life is great when you can share moments like that with loved ones.The Sad Section
Emery! Emery!