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SLIVAN #79 – 2011 AVN AWARDS Red Carpet – Part 1 of 3

SLIVAN #79 – 2011 AVN AWARDS Red Carpet – Part 1 of 3

My 2011 AVN Awards Red Carpet experience was awesome. And I wanted to share it with all of you who support this VLOG and who approached me at the Convention with your praises. Thank you! This Part #1 of this fun 3 part series is about how I spent my pre-show time putting in my shoe laces, doing my weird looking hair and the journey with a bunch of porn chicas.


AVN 2011 – Day #1 – the trip up

AVN 2011 – Day #1 – the trip up

Leading up to the AEE Convention my schedule became brutal. From trying to get final edits for PUBA to gathering supplies for Vegas to making sure the “Ivan” props and moniker outfits were in place. The plan for Vegas was extensive but here were our major points of the trip: meetings with various business outlets for PUBA and myself, I needed to round up my connections for work and PR … spread the PUBA word … recruit for PUBA family … meet the fans … Award Show craziness … AND most importantly making sure our PUBA girls were taken care of.

Tuesday before the trip I was out editing my Award Show bling monitor reel as well as creating new gear to wear.

By midnight my wardrobe and equipment was all laid out on my couches. I was up at around 5:30am to clean the important parts of the house before our trip.  My biggest concern is dying on a trip. The death part is not as scary as having a messy house upon my death. Kind of embarrassing to have your family clean your crib as you can only watch from above or in some cases from below. Plus as we all have our porn stash, these things should be put in a box labeled “throw away”. Then you tell a trusted sibling or cat, well maybe not the cat … to toss out that labeled box without searching threw it. I lived dangerously without making that type of box for my brother to toss.

I was on my way to pickup Asa Akira, London Keyes and Kory by 1pm.  The goal was to make it to Vegas by 7pm with a quick stop off at Area 51 Alien Jerky.  This is my yearly passion of love and lust. I love Aliens and I lust for Jerky OR maybe I lust for Aliens? Just dem hot Aliens from that beer commercial.

Hopefully my friends weren’t going to be disappointed in their Jerky experience was all that crossed my mind on the trip up.  The trip was filled with some various DJing from every person in the truck. THEN we entered Baker … and there it was! On the dark streets of Baker was a lit up UFO with a waving Alien Cowboy on it’s top. We parked and ran inside, giddy for Jerky. I already have all the wonderful souvenirs the place had to offer. Shirts, mugs, Area 51 dirt, Alien skulls … you name it! I have it! So I just got some pistachios and “Abducted Cow Jerky” Between my three friends they grabbed 10 bags of deliciously smelling and tasting jerky. We sat in the car like a pack of wolves ripping at the carcass we just dragged into our cave. Asa yells out, “oh my god, I’m done with my bag.” And London reminds her that we have more dried meat here. So back to shredding we went.

Once we all entered the Jerky coma, we headed back on the road.

After a two mile hike through The Venetian with our bags, we arrived in our room at The Palazzo. Asa and London had a dinner thing so Kory and I headed for the Cirlcle Bar. I decided to wear my warm beanie, not for it’s practicality but for it’s weird but interesting look. Wrong move. Kory started feeding me drinks. After three my head was on fire and after the fourth I needed some time off from my feet. I sat around meeting new people and socializing with the ADT (www.AdultDVDtalk.com) regulars. This is the best part of the Convention. Seeing old friends like a yearly family reunion.

I spent a lot of time with my friend Nicole Ray. Besides her cuteness, she is a very well put together person. We reminisced about the old times. The new times and our futures. Then she went and won a bunch of money on the slots.

At around 2am London joined us and we headed for Denny’s outside the Venetian. Tipsy London had her boobs out as she ran up and down the top floor of the Hotel. The river, the gondolas, the boobs and the London’s verbal jabs with me as I tried to get her to hide her mammaries.

By 3am we were outside the Hotel at 40 degrees, realizing this was a bad move … we headed to our room at the Palazzo. By 3:30am it was bed time. I have been up for around 22 hours and with the trip not really started yet.

DAY #2 … The Convention floor and old friends