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Many people don’t know about this culture of photographers who use these fun and interesting cameras created by a company called LOMOGRAPHY I have been a serious collector for years. The cameras they create are colorfully fun, stylistically wonderful and have unlimited uses. Each camera is unique in it’s design. And have various characterstics. Some are fisheye cameras, some take multi-shots on one frame, same take 8 individual stills at the same time  … and this goes on and on.  BUT the best part is they all shoot on FILM! Just visit www.Lomography.com to begin your love affair for these cameras.

I often bring some of my 7 LOMOs to my sets to take some fun pics.  Here is my set of LOMO pics from the last 4 years.

ENJOY … http://www.iamivan.com/lomography/index.html

PUBA shoot with Asa Akira, London Keyes and Natasha Nice

I guess for about 9 or so months we have been running this internet company called PUBA.com. I am one of the owners/partners and am in charge of production and editing. I put my vision and skills into the girls’ sites and content. It’s been a lot of work but totally worth it. As the Puba family has expanded from 3 girls to now 9 AND growing weekly. Here is a sample of how much fun we have on sets as well as some samples of our video content.  Below are bunch of pictures and a video blog from a recent shoot with Asa Akira, London Keyes and Natasha Nice culminating in a final scene any DVD company owner and fan would drool for. A 4-way with Asa Akira, London Keyes, Natasha Nice and Mr. Marcus. Continue reading

All NATURAL Nurses – clips, PIXXX and blog

All Natural Nurses is my first Vignette movie for Tom Byron Pictures.  So I decided to go all out and spend all my time and money to create something and exciting.


I had the cast as well as the ideas in my head, all I needed to do was to execute it.  One thing I did want to incorporate into this movie was some of my camera/editing tricks as well Jesse J’s music.  We got one of his rappers to do a fun song I call “Calabadest”. Pretty much two white boyz from Calabasas causing havoc.  And then we were ooooffff! A two day shoot for the entire movie. Followed by a full week in post-production. When you see the trailer and end credits you will understand.


On the first day we had Charley Chase and Rachel Love. Charley is a buddy of mine who’s website we (Puba.com) are doing.  Rachel Love is the hot shorty with giant boobies.  Rumored had it she liked me, well that was a compliment but I don’t touchy touchy on set.  Rachel’s scenario was actually one of my favorites … I used an old story from High School.  I had a buddy who got a boner during a physical exam and I always wanted to incorporate that into a porn scene.  A now I have!


Charley’s scenario was simpler but as hot.  At one point I even got a chubby when she was rubbing Justice’s leg under the robe. It was freaking so hot!  It’s probably the most erotic part of the movie for me.


Day #2 was going to be long as we planned on shooting the final three scenes of the movie.  I had all these ideas but wanted to make sure we could execute all of them that day.  Scene #1 of the day was with Sara Stone and Jack Lawrence.  Jesse and I played the two rappers in the scenario.  Really getting a chance to ham it up in the pictures.  The scene opening was very funny and the sex was top notch.  Both performers were into the action.  The scene actually had a really cool beginning as we cut between Jack’s camera and mine. Fun stuff.

nurse_blog7.jpg nurse_blog8.jpg

Second scene we had Adrianna Nicole playing an office nurse tending on Alec Knight’s wounded head.  Adrianna Nicole just might be one of the hottest and sexual women in the industry.  Her look and stare makes you melt as a man.  Sheesh just ask our PA for the day.  He couldn’t leave her alone.

The final scene was with Natasha Nice playing a young cute big boobed nurse.  I did some fun camera/editing tricks for vignette part.  Check it out!

OKAY now below is a link to a slew off PICTURES (over 60) as well as Trailer and End Credits