Dawn of the Head

Ivan is back with another installment of his Horror Spoof feature line, Ivan's SLUT-O-RAMA presents. First came Texas' Asshole Massacre, a campy look into a disfunctional family run by Texas (Kami Andrews), who's sole goal is to turn porn girls into real stars and sometimes even more. The movie received 5 pre-noms. including Best Comedy and Best Actress as well as an Editor's Choice.

Dawn of the Head stars Extreme and Evolution mainstays Gia Paloma, Alias, and Chris Justice. The rest of the cast includes Ashley Gracie, Angelina Bonet, Genesis Skye, Memphis Monroe, Tiffany Holiday, and Trent Soluri.

- See hornified zombie girls run wild around town!

- See what happens when a High School football star becomes the victim of his prom dates sexual desires!

- See how lives are changed, how sex can kill, and how heroes are made!

"ZIPS" (Zombie Patrol Squad), is a hit reality TV show following a patrol squad gathered to save victims of a new street drug. A drug created by the government to protect us, now it's among us. And NOW the victims are zombies ... hornified zombies. AND now they roam the streets.

Follow Hawk, Chris Justice, The B Team, and Captain Paloma through the urban streets of Chatsworth, CA as they patrol our streets. Their moto is "We Protect, We Serve, We Bukkake if we have to!" And by golly they mean it!


Dawn of the Head is out in stores now.


ZIPS Music Video

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