Reviewed by Bono-ONE

RATING: 3.5 Stars

I just got done watching this one and folks it's funny, funny, funny! As you can guess it's a take off on the popular Zombie flicks of Georgoe Romero even down to how the title looks on the dvds cover. Gia Paloma is the head of the Zips squad-- that's zombie patrol squad for those who don't know. Their goal is to comb the streets of Chatsworth and Woodland Hills seeking out horny young girls who've taken a magic pill stolen by a pirate or a mexican or a man dressed as a clown-- you get scenarious laid out for each and it's funny how they do it. Anyway, the pills make their way to the streets where unsuspecting girls take them and once they have they become wanton sluts wanting only to be fucked and fucked and fucked. Now it's the Zips duty to find these girls and do one of a few things-- shoot the girls with jizz from the guns-- not their cocks and this cures the girl. Now if that fails then they utilized their other gun-- yes their cock and fuck them until splooging on them!! One last way is to bring in the B Team which stands for Bukkake and here the guys have the girl suck them off until they again spunk all over them.

You get five scenes in this one with the best one being the zombie lesbian scene where Tiffany Holiday cumverts Gia from being the Captain of the Zips squad to being the target of Chris Justice in the final scene where he has to sacrifice his cock in order to cure Gia but man before she's cured you get those two awesome scenes where Gia at first fights Tiffany but once Miss Holiday forces a bunch of pills down Gia's throat she becomes a willing fuck toy and the girls have some fun fans with some hot shared nipple licking of pills off Gia's tits, then each gets to eat pussy and finally they take turns ramming dildos in each other's pussy and ass! Now on to the scene where Chris has to fuck Gia in order to save her! First Hawk the other main male character comes in but Gia makes quick work of his cock before Chris rushes in and the two have a serious fuck session comeplete with some ass fucking leading to an open mouthed popshot and Gia seems to be recovered as she along with Chris leave the Zip's headquarters ending this flick. Now you have a few other scenes too including one with Memphis Monroe to lead the dvd off and here Hawk gets his big scene fucking his girl who had become the first victim of the horny pill. Damn Memphis looked so good here and I only hope she'll one day open up that backdoor, still some hot shots of those mellons though Hawk doesn't really play with them sadly. You also have the two men, Hawk and Chris storm a house where they find a girl locked in her room masturbating furiously to porn and of course they have to fuck her in all holes before she's cured. You also get a scene with a prom queen who takes the pills and attacks her jock boyfriend fucking him until he falls asleep,lol!! So there is also another scene where the "B" Team has to bukkake Genesis Skye who was lying in the street masturbating and she looked good trading all their cocks. This was a fun dvd to watch, some nice scenes especially with Gia and Tiffany who give the best scene of the flick. Now for extras you get some behind the scenes as well as a BTS gallery and another photo gallery. I'd recommend this for Gia fans and for fans of porn with a little bit of fun to it.