Reviewed by MorbidThoughts

RATING: 4 Stars

Dawn of the Head is the second feature from Ivan's Slut-O-Rama. Inevitably, in writing this review, comparisons to Texas' Asshole Massacre would be made.

The story is simple. In a nod to all of the sexual performances drugs out there, the government has created a secret drug that causes unquenchable lust in women. So much, that all they do is masturbate without care for anything else until they die. The only way to cure them is with male spooge although it's not clear how it must be administered because some girls don't seem to be cured after being fucked. Depending on where you hear the story from, an evil clown or a super Mexican (Ivan in a funny cameo) stole the drugs and marketed them to the public appropriately as "beer goggle" pills. So you have girls neglecting everything else in favour of masturbation (virtually turning them into sex sombies). Who is to save them? Enter the Zombie Patrol Squads or ZIPS for short. Don't ask me what the "I" stands for cause I didn't notice anyone explain this.

Gia Paloma is the captain of this squad and when she gives a monologue explaining the scenario, I am reminded of pro wrestling's Trish Stratus in both her hair, mouth, boobs, and acting delivery. Chris Justice and Alias are her recruits and we also see a mysterious Bukkake squad that does well bukkake stings. Chris sees his job as an opportunity to get laid. Alias has more personal motives as his wife succumbed to this deadly addiction. The boys go around with high powered squirt guns full of spooge trying to cure the girls and if they run out; they use their own.

We first see how the drug acts as Memphis Monroe attacks Alias sexually when he uncovers all that masturbating. I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the movie with those awesome tits but this regular b/g scene was probably the most docile in the movie.

Chris and Alias have to cure Angelina Bonet and it funny as they chase her from the bedroom to the kitchen back to the bedroom in a half-hearted chase that can only be found in a porn or a Benny Hill skit. I wasn't too big on Angelina's looks in Missy Monroe Cock Star but she looks a lot better here even with some of the grime smudge on her face. Her black mesh top never comes off as the boys tag team her in a b/b/g/a. Strangely you only see one spooge shot.

We find out the popular use of the beer goggle drug as Trent Soluri tries to get laid with his homecoming date. There's some hijinks as Trent plays around with a football while he waits for Ashley Gracie to feel the effects of the drug. I kept waiting for a zombie billy goat to show up in this scene. If Ashley can kill a goat and then have sex after that, she doesn't need any lust raising drugs. I was impressed by her performance.

We see the Bukakke squad in action as they sting Genesis Skye in the alley in a ravenous blowbang. Finally we get to see the captain in action and I still wonder why she was the captain as waifish Tiffany nails her down and forces some pills down her throat. I giggled at the thought that Tiffany didn't need any extra makeup to denote that she was on drugs. Chris and Alias have to rescue Gia and then we understand why she was the captain as she transformed into a feral animal visually and figuratively. This is the first time I've seen Gia with her implants and it's kind of weird to watch but her scene with Chris Justice at the end was also the best.

I like this movie overall but not as much as Texas Asshole Massacre. The story is funny but you don't have a Kami Andrews handling most of the talking. The sex was slightly weaker as we had *gasp* lesbian scene. Still a very funny movie capped by a great scene. Even though I recognise the Extreme/Evolution offices used in some of the scenes, Ivan was inventive with his sets. From what I understand, he took months of picking and choosing props with this project in mind. We see some of the headaches he had to endure in the Behind the Scenes.