Dawn of the Head Review
Adam Film World
VOL. 19 NO. 5
Reviewed by Taylor St. Claire


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"...clever manner by which sex is woven into the plot as a sort of cure for all things weird, bizarre, and extraterrestrial."


I've never actually seen George Romero's 1979 flick Dawn of the Dead, or more recent remake of that movie, I have seen good number of zombie movies, and this is an obvious take-off on the genre, directed by Ivan, who's a fan of sci-fi/horror movies, judging from the amount of effort and detail he put in Dawn of the Head. Anyway, the plot here involves a mysterious epidemic of pills which, when taken by girls cause the masturbate incessantly, ultimately turning them into "head" cases. And, yes, they begin to look like zombies. Consequently, when the girl gets fucked up on these strange pills - the origins of which are never revealed - the Zombie Patrol Squad comes in and shoots 'em down with water guns loaded with sperm or actually have sex with the 'diseased' ladies, which is the only way to bring them back to their normal state of mind. A clever way to work sex into the plot, don't you think? And the film - a parody more than anything - never takes itself too seriously.

The story gets off the ground after a hot scene with Memphis Monroe, a cute babe with great 100% boobs and an awesome ass. We first see Monroe going nuts from some how having consumed the pills and view her boyfriend trying to cure her with a good helping of his cum. Yet, after he fucks Memphis, she dies. So, her husband (played by Alias) decides to form the "Zombie Patrol Squad" with his buddy (played by Chris Justice). Keep in ind that this scene of Memphis' dying is definitely the most serious of all episodes in this otherwise tongue-in-cheek outing.

Some very hot sex scenes follow, too. For one, I really dug red-headed sexpot Angelina Bonet, whom Chris and Alias try to 'save' by having some deep anal sex with her. Lots of good angles in this scene. Total hottie Ashley Gracie also takes the pills, attacks a guy, and has some scalding sex with him. Viewers who like their scenes nasty 'n' rough will really appreciate Ashley's episode, as there's lots of dirty talk and heated choking. Next up, Genesis Skye, always up for something different, is maniacally masturbating behind a warehouse, when five Squad guys pull up in a truck, jump out, and have her suck 'em off in a memorable blowbang.

My favorite scene, however, is with one of my favorites porn girls currently on the circuit, Extreme/Evolution Erotica contract girl Gia Paloma, who plays one of the big shots on the Zombie Patrol Squad. Zombie-gun in hand, she goes on a lone, nighttime mission through a porn warehouse, which is kind of creepy and tense, with Gia getting attacked by Tiffany Holiday, a zombie who dumps a ton of pills into Gia's mouth, making her become totally whacked. They do a girl-girl scene together which is pretty good, but nothing to write home. Butt the movie's great Gia episode unfolds when, in her diseased state, she has volcanically nasty anal sex with one of the Zombie Squad dudes. 0 in a closet, of all unique places! - and soon snaps out of her fucked-up state. It's a totally nuclear suck-and-fuck episode from the always-awesome Gia.

Rating-wise, I'd give Dawn of the Head four stars because the story is quite fun and, technically speaking, the lighting and make-uo are very good, as well. It's a cute movie, though at times there;s some corny acting (especially lines with Squad-guy lines like, "Stop, you zombie bitch!"). But since it's a parody, the cheesy acting actually works for the movie. Sexwise I'd give DOTH a solid hot rating, with Ashley Gracie and Gia Paloma scenes totally giving the flick the majority of it's power. Definitely check it out.