Ivan may not be a household name yet, but anyone who has seen his work can’t help but be impressed. He puts a lot into every production and has the kind of love for film that gives his movies a good twist. Those of you who saw his “Texas’ Asshole Massacre” know that he combines comedy, horror and high production values with great sex. This is his second “Slut-O-Rama” movie and takes a new twist on the zombie genre. I’m not too familiar with most of the girls in the cast, but Gia Paloma is always one to give a great scene. She did a great job in Ivan’s last movie and has an even bigger role in this one.

The movie opens with a “Cops” style team of enforcement agents run by Gia Paloma. She explains that thanks to a demented clown, some top-secret drugs have hit the streets. The drugs make women so horny that they will literally masturbate themselves to death. In order to stop them, the Zips must get them to ingest semen orally. They have guns filled with cum that are used first. If those don’t work then the Zips have to fuck the girls. If that still won’t save the girls, then the B (for bukkake) Team has to come in and get the job done.

Some of the Zips just like getting laid, but one of the new recruits has a personal reason for joining the squad. We learn through a flashback that his girlfriend, Memphis Monroe got her hands on the pills and nearly fucked him to death. She attacks his cock with her mouth and has those beautiful tits swaying underneath her body perfectly. Since she is worked into such a heated state, she gives a nice stream of dirty talk as he moves from her mouth to her pussy. Mish keeps those tits moving and I think I’m rapidly falling in love with this blonde. Sexual energy is usually not a strength in features, but this is one if off to a great start. She shakes all of her hot parts in a long reverse cowgirl, and doggy before he sprays her down. Since he shot on the wrong end, I don’t think she was saved.

The Zips come upon a girl in serious trouble, (Angelina Bonet) and have to move in for some personal rescuing. She is supposed to look a little strung out, but is still a cute girl under that teased-out hair. Her hungry mouth is eager to suck both cocks and she can barely keep her head moving back and forth fast enough. She does a good job with her legs high in the air as they pound away on her pussy. Moving to the anal, Angelina provides enough energy to fit her condition. We get some great RCA and really good shots during the spoon. If you’re looking for a feature with great anal sex, you’ve found it. They roll her into piledriver and pound her silly. Chalk this one up as a job well done when she eats enough jizz to return her to normal.

We see the full effect of the drugs when Ashley Gracie, a frosty homecoming queen runner-up, pops a pill and goes nuts on her lucky date. She slips right out of her dress and starts inhaling his cock. We get a lot of footage from between her legs and she bends over and gives head. This isn’t the best angle, but we do get some nice jiggling boobie shots. The tits keep bouncing as she opens her pussy and gets slammed fucked in a way that is sure to win her the crown come prom time. The energy from this scene is fantastic and she manages to keep up the dirty talk even as he chokes her. He makes a big mistake when he pulls out and shoots all over her pussy. Though he is fucked out, she keeps going and without some help, she’ll end up before the stain on their bed can dry.

When nothing else works, the B Squad has to be called in. They find Genesis Skye in an alley and go to work. This is a blow bang scene complete with a lot of drool, gagging and quacking and she works her way around the circle of cock. This isn’t my favorite scene in the movie, but she handles it very well and adds a nice twist to the sexuality at play here. The B boys do their best and nearly drown her in cream, saving the day.

Things can get very messy for a female member of the Zips team. When Gia Paloma shows up to help a girl on a porn set she is overtaken by Tiffany Holiday. After doing a very good job of convincing us that she doesn’t want to fuck, Gia flips the switch when Tiffany forces some pills down her throat. She shoves a toy into the waiting hole of the now horny cop. As always, Gia is perfect for this kind of action and fucks like she really is dying to have more shoved into her holes. The toy play between these two women is really good and we get plenty of anal action from both women.

Now that she has been juiced, Gia needs the Zips to come and help her. She attacks the first dick she sees and goes right into her gagging mode. That never does much for me, but I know that some of you wait just for that kind of thing and she is great with her mouth no matter how much noise her throat is making. The fucking is white hot with Gia showing her trademark energy and getting her pussy slammed raw. There aren’t many women in the business who are better at anal sex than Gia and she absolutely fucks him like she is trying to win some kind of award for freakiest anal slut in history. After busting that ass, Chris pulls out and feeds her the seed that she needs to be saved.

As you would expect from this movie, there is an interesting BTS reel with some very funny bloopers. We also get a gallery, cumshot recap and trailers of other movies.

I think I liked this movie even more than Ivan’s other feature. It’s a really cool little zombie comedy that just happens to have some great sex in it. As a fan of horror and B-movies I really had fun with this. It’s a nicely made movie that is quite original and funny. What better compliment can one pay to a porn feature? Oh yeah, the sex. It’s pretty damn good as well and certainly the sort of action we have come to expect from Evolution. Gia’s final scene is likely to have everyone stroking a few layers of skin off of their units if people aren’t careful. Memphis really impressed me and can’t wait to see her again very soon. I loved the creativity and originality on display here. I also enjoy seeing a feature that doesn’t feel the need to skimp on the sex. It’s a good thing this movie came out now. It’s not too late for this one to end up on the list for Best Feature at the RRCC awards. Hey, anyone can make a good feature with a big enough budget, but it takes some skill to make a good one for limited cash. Throw in gonzo caliber sex and you have a rare treat indeed.