Guest Flash Review (Renald)

RATING: 9.06 out of 10


As you can guess from the title Dawn of the Head is a spoof of Dawn of the Dead. It’s well presented and funny with a slight plot that revolves around a super pill that makes girls so horny they will masturbate until death unless they swallow cum. There are a lot of Resident Evil references as well. Between scenes they have short funny skits that actually enhance the scenes.

What's Hot

The story line is kinda funny and helps add something special to the movie.

The Arnold impersonations are ridiculously funny.

The sets, make-up and acting are all well very well done and thought out.

Gia Paloma’s final scene is very intense and stands out well above anything else on the film.

What's Not

The scenes all seem to be exactly the same right down to when they change positions.

Only half of the scenes have anal sex and there just isn’t much here for a hardcore raincoater. I’m not knocking the sex aspect but the main idea of this movie seems to be to make you and your friends laugh. It’s porn best suited for the "let's get together and get drunk" audience while we laugh at the absurdity of it while pretending not to notice the hot chicks.

Play By Play

Below is a detailed description of each scene:

Scene One – Memphis Munroe and one guy (Alias)

Sex Checklist: oral, straight, p2m

The scene begins with Memphis masturbating and then quickly moves into a spirited blow job. The girl has good energy and watching tits bounce as her head bobs great. The sex starts off in missionary which is actually a flattering position for the vocal starlet. The camera does a good job of alternating between her face and tits and her pussy. From there we switch the cowgirl, another great position. Memphis brings a lot to the scene energy wise but it takes to long for them to switch positions so it starts to feel repetitive by the time she switches to the reverse cowgirl. We get a few pussy to mouth shots, and Memphis nails it every time. It just isn’t enough to rescue the poor pacing of the scene as a whole. It climaxes with the stud pulling out of Memphis and spraying his cum over her back.

Scene One Rating: 8.80
Starlet appearance: 9.20, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.50, Sexual Heat: 8.50, Raincoat appeal: 8.00

Scene Two – Angelina Bonnet and one guy (Chris Evans & Alias)

Sex Checklist: oral, straight, group, finger cuffs, anal, gaping

This scene begins with the Zips squad finding Angelina Bonnet masturbating. Her hair is a complete mess and her face has some dirty smudges on it which really add to the overall presentation. After a brief chase through the house they finally corner her in a bedroom and she starts giving head alternating back and forth between the two men. After a while of that Angelina lays on her back, nearly folded in half so the sex can begin. For a while during the scene she is taking it from both ends, sucking a cock while another man fucks her. The camera work is pretty good again really showcasing the high energy of the scene. The anal sex is intense though, starting of in the finger cuff position but when one guy loses his wood it’s up to his partner to finish solo. They move from missionary to doggy and finally to a personal favorite the pile driver. Angelina is one of the few girls I’ve seen that look somewhat comfortable in that position which makes it a lot more enjoyable. The cumshot is a pretty good open mouth facial with most of it shotgunning over her face. Again the over all pacing left something to be desired.

Scene Two Rating: 8.37
Starlet appearance: 7.50, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.75, Sexual Heat: 8.50, Raincoat appeal: 8.75

Scene Three – AShley Graciewith one guy (Trent Salori)

Sex Checklist: oral, deep throat, straight, choking

Ashley’s scene begins with her and her boyfriend returning from the homecoming dance. After a bit of plot is thrown in about how she didn’t win she goes to the bathroom and takes the zombifying pill and when she returns she practically tackles her stud desperately ripping his clothing off to get at his dick. Her energy level is a little disappointing at first but the camera works over time to make up for it. Soon after the blowjob starts we get a deep throat and a wonderful shot between her legs where you can see her saliva streaming down his dick. The sex moves through the positions almost on cue, starting with missionary and moving from there to cowgirl (which is particularly well done) which considering how long they stay in each position is bad. She doesn’t really sound like she’s enjoying herself and the energy just isn’t there. All the position changes are accompanied by cuts which break the energy of the scene farther. There is some light choking during the spoon position which Ashley looks great in. The cumshot has the stud pulling out and spraying her pussy with his load and falling asleep. After that we are treated to some distant shots of Ashley masturbating.

Scene Three Rating: 8.01
Starlet appearance: 8.75, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.00, Sexual Heat: 7.50, Raincoat appeal: 7.80

Scene Four -- Genesis Skye with multiple guys (5)

Sex checklist: oral, group, deep throat

This is the scene with the “B” Team which stands for Bukakke Team. The build up is “Arnold” talking about their job and finally finding Genesis masturbating in an alley. They get right to work with the group blow bang in the scene and Genesis goes all out lightly gagging and drooling over herself. I sear you can even see a few tears running down her dirty face. This is another one of the times where the make up and setting really added to the intensity of the scene. Genesis is intense as she crawls around the circle sucking on each dick one after the other. Her energy is great, the sound is great and the visuals of spit hanging from her chin and down over her breasts is great. The scene is nothing but continual blowjobs though, so as much energy as she puts into it, it just isn’t enough to keep the viewer's interest going the entire time. Genesis ends the scene by taking four back to back facials that leave her face looking like a glazed donut.

Scene Four Rating: 8.93
Starlet appearance: 9.25, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.50, Sexual Heat: 8.50, Raincoat appeal: 8.50

Scene Five -- Gia Paloma & Tiffany Holiday (girl/girl)

Sex checklist: lesbian, toy, oral, p2m, 69, anal play, a2m, finger cuff (with toys)

Gia starts off the scene following a lead that may lead to a zombie. She is chasing Tiffany through a warehouse when she is attacked and forced to ingest the zombie pill. At this point the two begin making out and gradually peeling their clothing off. After they completely stripped they begin to finger each other and then start on the toys. The first toy is a purple dildo that Tiffany uses along with her tongue on the sexy Gia Paloma. The girls both work in a several P2M’s including a few shared between them. I’m not a fan of lesbian porn so perhaps I’m being overly harsh but it seems like they are just sitting there doing to exact same things, in the exact same positions until the anal beads come out. At that point the girls move into a sexy sixty nine and Gia works the beads into Tiffany then licks them clean. From there the double headed dildo comes out, watching the girls suck on both ends is a really hot. The scene would have really benefited from a soundtrack though if for no other reason than to drown out the crickets you can hear in the background. A few more toys are brought out as the scene continues to drag on including a new dildo and a butt plug. A real high point of the scene is Gia shoving a dildo in her ass, while sucking on the double headed dildo that is in Tiffany. The scene ends with the girls side by side masturbating and then Tiffany leaving.

Scene Five Rating: 8.04
Starlet appearance: 9.75, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.00 (Gia)
Starlet appearance: 7.50, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.00 (Tiffany)
Sexual Heat: 7.50, Raincoat appeal: 7.50

Scene Six -- Gia Paloma & one guy (Chris Evans)

Sex checklist: oral, deep throat, gagging, straight, p2m, anal, a2m, gaping

The final scene is the main two heroes hunting down zombie Gia. Soon after they get into the ware house she is tearing her “victim’s” pants off as fast as she can, biting at the buttons and tearing his pants down. The energy is completely off the charts as she “kills” the first man before the other arrives. She then attacks his partner while sitting in a rolling chair that he drags through the ware house as she tries to get his pants off. She starts off sucking his cock through the opening in his pants, moaning and deep throating from the moment she can get at his cock. The amount of energy Gia puts off is impossible to describe and must be seen and the zombie make up adds a nice touch. The sex moves through the expected missionary, spooning and doggy style but with a much better pacing than we’d seen earlier in the film. Coupled with a P2M and moving to the reverse anal cowgirl. Somehow she manages to maintain her energy throughout most of the scene including a pretty intense anal part. Great booty burning action here including an anal pile driver. Gia is easily the most beautiful, talented and most importantly spirits starlet in the film. Gia ends the scene by taking the final cumshot in her mouth.

Scene Six Rating: 9.43
Starlet appearance: 9.75, Starlet attitude and personality: 10.00, Sexual Heat: 9.00, Raincoat appeal: 9.00

Everything Else

The extras on this film are well above average. The cumshot recap is included in this film and even though the cumshots aren’t the best in the industry this is always a great feature to have. The behind the scenes is hilarious and entertaining. The behind the scenes gallery is a waste of time but most galleries are. Overall though the extras on this film are well above average

Last Word & Final Tally

The horror spoof plot in Dawn of the Head really helps things along, especially since so much of the sex is weak. It’s hard to recommend a film that isn’t entertaining, taken as a whole. While the plot is funny and the setting and make up are top notch, this doesn't make up for a lack of good, solid sex scenes.

New (Experimental) SRR Rating Method:

Sexual Content Ratings (averaged & weighted 2x): 8.55
Average of all scenes listed above.

Production Ratings (weighted 1x): 9.83
Dialog/Story/Script: 9.50, Costumes/Clothing: 10.00, Location: 10.00

Technical Ratings (weighted 1x): 9.31
Camerawork: 9.00, Video Quality: 9.25, Audio Quality: 9.25, DVD Extras: 9.75

Overall Rating: 9.06 out of 10.00

-- Renald

Second Opinion?

Bono-ONE sez this "folks this movie is funny, funny funny!" He praised the Gia & Tiffany scene as the best of the lot and called it "awesome." Rated 3 1/2 stars out of 5. (ADT)