Reviewed by Kid Cocky

Overall rating: A
Female looks: B+
Male looks: B
Picture quality: B+
Extras: C+
Plot/acting: A
Sex: B+

Dawn of the Head
150 Mins.
Evolution Erotica
THEMES: Comedy, Facials, Bukkake

STARS: Gia Paloma, Angelina Bonet, Ashley Gracie, Genesis Skye, Memphis Monroe, Tiffany Holiday, Alias, Chris Justice & Trent Soluri.


I am a big fan of George A. Romero's "Dead" movies, so I was looking forward to getting this in the mail. After reviewing Texas Asshole Massacre, I couldn't wait to see another Ivan flick. This guy came over from Russia with some great ideas, and a ton of talent. It is a shame that more porn directors don't possess his creativity.

The basic concept behind this movie is that it is shot like the TV show Cops. Apparently there was a sex drug that turns ladies into zombie like sex monsters. The only way to cure them is to unload jizz on their tongues. Until they taste cum, they are insatiable fuck machines that fuck themselves to death!

Gia Paloma does a great job explaining the plot in a documentary style beginning. She tells a hilarious tale of a demented clown that inundated California with the drug, and then she tells us about the Bukkake team. The "B" team is an all-volunteer organization of guys who jizz on these fuck crazy babes. It is a labor of love for them.

There are also teams of ZIPs. This zombie patrol works much like a team of Cops. The Zips are responsible to fuck these crazy babes until they are able to calm them with a medical dosage of sweet splooge.

The first scene is a "flashback" to Memphil Monroe getting her hands on some of the pills. She ravishes her male counterpart, and does whatever she can to milk him for his buttery cum. There are a few nice positions in this scene, and the energy is fantastic. Memphis grooves all of her nastiness in a fantastic reverse cowgirl, and doggy style before the dude cums on her. Since he missed her mouth, I don’t think she was saved!

The next scene stars Angelina Bonet. Angelina was in another movie that I recently viewed, titled Cum Stained Casting Couch #4. She was also in Mexicunt and Whore Gaggers #6. Angelina has smallish tits, and fine brown hair. She's a cute girl who isn't afraid to sport a casual beaver. She takes on two Zips officers, and she does a good job sucking them both off. As a sex starved monster, she shows a lot of energy in this scene. I don't know if that is a tribute to the actors or the director. I am sure that both had a lot to do with the overall feel of the movie. It is well edited, which helps move the scenes along.

Ashley Gracie also pops the pills and becomes a zombie nympho She is a homecoming queen runner-up. She pops a pill and goes nuts on her lucky date. She is a very good looking girl. She is also a brunette. She has a slender build, and she has a small natural rack. You may recognize her from her appearance on the website coedsneedcash.com. She played a coed who needed cash. Again, the energy during this session is fantastic. She manages to keep up the dirty talk even as he chokes her. He makes an understandable mistake when he pulls out and cums all over her cunt. I guess this bitch is going to be cured too.

Next scene stars Genesis Skye. She is partnered with the "B" team. Considering she was in American Bukkake #27, I can only imagine that she was well prepared for this group. Genesis is a good looking girl, but all the zombie makeup makes her look shitty. Anyway, I don't think it is necessary for me to explain what goes on between Genesis Skye and the Bukkake team. If It is necessary, you are reading on the wrong website.

Now, of course there are more scenes. I mean hell, I haven't even gotten to Gia's wonderful sex scene yet. However, I guess I am going to leave that to your imagination. I can promise you that the sex is very hardcore and energetic. I can also promise you that the plot on this movie is great. I would HONESTLY watch this movie just for the plot. It is entertaining. Ivan did a great job.
All-in-all this is a great movie. Ivan is a great porn director. Extreme Associates is lucky to have him.

Kid Cocky

"I got so much bling... even my balls have the Midas touch!"