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Starting off we see Chris and Alias, two ZiPS (Zombie Patrol Squad) members, giving us a little history one what's going on. It seems someone had broken into a government building and stolen some of these pills that make girls really horny! So much so if they don't fuck, they die! We then see Gia, captain of the ZiPS, as she goes into a little more about the current situation and how to cure the victim(s). She also tells us of how Chris, Alias and the "B" Team was formed. She starts off with the "B"Team, saying they are a bunch of citizens in disguise to help the ZiPS, then goes on to say Chris is here for the pussy, but Alias is here for personal reasons (to avenge his girlfriend)... So then we cut to his story.

We see Memphis as she vigorously rubbing her clit, and she gets so into it she wakes Alias! In a bit of a haze he flips over and immediately she jumps him!

Scene 1: Memphis Monroe and Alias
Themes: Deep Throat, Straight
Scene Breakdown: Memphis is a cute and sexy looking girl with medium length blonde hair and great, natural D cup tits. Pulling his underwear off him she eagerly starts sucking him off, doing some nice deep throat action on hi. Once she's done missionary is the first position we hit and then on to cowgirl where we get some nice shots of the action. Getting off him, she does some PTM action along with some more deep throat, then heads up to reverse cowgirl where we get some pretty nice shots. Again she un-mounts to taste her pussy off his cock and then ends up on her side/back for a little bit before going on to doggy. As Alias is ready to cum, he pulls out and cums on her ass and back. Now here's where I'm confused... we cut to Alias holding Memphis in his arms and screaming, apparently she's dead. Now if he fucked her she should live right??? Anyway.... This was an OK scene, she over played the role a little I thought and her dirty talk felt very forced.

After we see Chris and Alias take care of a zombie, they get a call of a chronic masturbator at a residence, so off they go to check it out. At the house they find Angelica, and of course she's going at it solo! After chasing her around they try to spray her with the cum guns (LMAO!!), but it didn’t work, so they had to fix this the old fashioned way - by fucking her!

Scene 2: Angelica Bonet, Chris Evans and Alias
Themes: Deep Throat, Straight, Anal, Ass Gaping
Scene Breakdown: Angelica is an attractive girl with long brown hair and natural B cup tits. Losing her panties, Chris heads down south on her, eating her out, as she blows Alias, doing some nice deep throat too. Moving on we cut to her down in missionary where the guys take turns on her, then we cut again to see her easing her ass down on Alias in reverse cowgirl. While bouncing her ass on his cock in RCA, she also blows Chris, then Chris gets his turn in her ass too, taking Angelica down onto her side. After a few minutes Chris starts "going down" (his cock gets limp), so he asks Alias to "get his back" as he runs off... Jumping right in Alias just does that, taking over where Chris left off, then move on to a pile driver where the anal continues while we get some nice shots of the action. In addition we get some nice gaping action too and then she goes to her knees and he strokes off into her face, but some lands in her mouth. This was a pretty solid scene, she seemed to lose energy when Chris left though. I was digging her bush though!

Back in the truck, Chris apologizes for "going down" in the midst of action and then we get to see the "B Team" finally. The head driver of the van full of guys tells us the "B Team's" position on this zombie stuff (in his best Arnold voice), but then in a bit of an odd turn we cut to Trent and Ashley entering a room? Anyway, as it goes, the two are just coming back from the home coming football game and dance. Obviously Trent is horny, being a teenager and all, so he tries to get something going but Ashley just wasn't receptive so he passes her the pulls. She reluctantly takes them and soon she's all over him!

Scene 3: Ashley Gracie and Trent Salori
Themes: Deep Throat, Straight, Chocking
Scene Breakdown: Ashley is an attractive girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cup tits. Aggressively she gets him naked and starts blowing him, taking his cock pretty deep down her throat and giving him a good head job! Taking Ashley and putting her on her back, he starts fucking her in missionary for a bit and then she moves up to ride him in cowgirl where we get some pretty nice shots of the action. Remounting, she continues to rides but only in reverse cowgirl for a bit before we cut to Ashley down on her side as Trent spoons her. She tells him to choke hr, so he does and that seems to push thing over the edge, making her cum. Soon following her, Trent cums too, doing so right above her pussy. She takes the cum and rubs it in. Another solid scene here, I liked her energy and I liked her. I hope to see more of Ashley.

Flipping over, Trent passes out while Ashley continues to masturbate and take pills, but we never see what happens to her? Anyhow, back to the "B-Team". They get a call with information about a "zombie bitch", so they get to the location ASAP!

Scene 4: Genesis Skye and 5 guys
Themes: BJ (ext.), Deep Throat, Bukkake
Scene Breakdown: Genesis is a very good-looking girl with medium length blonde hair and fake B cup tits. Pulling up to the scene, the "B-Team" sees Genesis down on the ground and playing with her pussy. Funneling out of the truck they quickly surround her with their cocks out. She sucks and deep throats all their cocks, keeping everyone pretty well involved nicely. Eventually the scene closes as they all 5 guys unload on her face, covering her nicely. This was a good BJ scene, and like I said before, Genesis kept all he guys involved very well.

Getting back to Gia we see her heading out on a call. She chases Tiffany inside a warehouse and while searching for her, Tiffany blind-sides her! She starts "attacking" Gia and then breaks out the pills, forcing her to take them. Soon Gia is one of them...

Scene 5: Gia Paloma and Tiffany Holliday
Themes: Girl/Girl, Toys, Pussy Gaping, ATOGM, Anal (toys), ATM
Scene Breakdown: Gia is a sexy looking girl with long blonde hair and fake D cup tits. Tiffany is a good-looking girl with long brown hair and natural B cup tits. Lying on a table the two kiss one another and playing with each other's clits. Tiffany gets the action started by eating Gia out a little, but it wasn't long before she broke out a toy and began fucking Gia with it - showing off some nice pussy gapes while doing so. Both do some PTM on the toy and then Gia heads up into doggy where Tiffany continues to fuck her with the toy. After that it's Tiffany's turn to get her pussy eaten and fucked by Gia. Moving on, the girls get into a 69 and Gia takes some beads and stuffs them into Tiffany's ass. Being a real sweetheart, Gia does ATOGM on them and then we cut to the girls sitting on a table and kind of facing one another as they fuck the ends of a double dong, but despite their efforts, they never get it going right. Finally it's time for Tiffany's ass to get fucked properly, so Gia gets a butt plug and works her ass with it, using her mouth to pump it in and out! Both ladies do some ATM on it and then we cut to Gia on her back while Tiffany returns the ass play, fucking Gia's ass with a vibe. Soon the scene comes to a close as the girls work their pussies solo with toys, giving us an "O" before we go on. This was a solid scene, both seemed pretty into it, and it reminded me of how I really do miss seeing Gia in a ton of different movies...

Assuming Chris and Alias also got the call that Gia did, they show up as back-up. Heading inside they split up and look for Gia, but as Chris wonders off, Gia finds Alias! Fiercely she rips his pants open and sucks his cock (which was very brief) and kills him? Chris hears the screams so he heads off to help his buddy, finding him dead and finding Gia with him. Just as with Alias, she starts to attack Chris with her mouth, but in an amazing turn of events he uses the old fashion method of helping her - fucking her.

Scene 6: Gia Paloma and Chris Evans
Themes: Deep Throat, Straight, Pussy Gaping, Choking, Anal, ATM, Ass Gaping
Scene Breakdown: Working them selves over to a couch, Gia feverishly gets to sucking off Chris, taking him deep down her throat as she does, then we cut to Gia on her side/back as he fucks her and shows off some pussy gapes. On to doggy, Chris fingers her, using 4 fingers, and then moves on to fucking her some more. As he does, he chokes her and shows off some pussy gapes, then after some PTM she goes up to reverse cowgirl where she takes the cock up her ass while we get some nice shots of the action along with some nice sounds! Kind of rolling her on to her side he continues to pump her ass, injecting some more coking. Stopping the action, she tastes her ass off his cock and then we cut to her down in a pile driver, taking anal of course, with Christ choking her and showing off more pussy and ass gapes. Wrapping up the scene we cut to her kneeling on the floor as he jerks off into her open mouth, but I'm not sure what she does with it. This was a good scene, and I want to reiterate what I said about Gia before - I want to see more of her!

Themes: Deep Throat, Straight Sex, Anal, Ass Gaping, Choking, BJ (extensive), Bukkake, Girl/Girl, Toys, Pussy Gaping, ATOGM, ATM

DVD Extras: Extras wise this flick was a little shallow. There was only 7 minutes of behind the scenes which was accompanies by a photo gallery, a BTS gallery, some trailers and a cumshot recap. I so badly want to give this flick something for extras, but I just can't, even though the BTS were fucking hilarious, there just wasn't enough footage. Sorry, +.0.

Final Rating and Thoughts: This one gets 7.50. After seeing Texas' Asshole Massacre, I knew this was going to be a fun flick, and it was. Too bad it wasn't quite as good, acting wise or sex wise, as Texas' Asshole Massacre. No one here came close to Kami's role in that movie and the scenes were solid for the most part with Gia's final scene being the best of the lot, but it wasn't all that amazing. The dialog was funny and some of the parallels/parodies were too, but seeing this as a feature I had a nagging issue. Maybe I was paying to much attention, but regardless here's my beef. From the first scene where Alias's girlfriend takes the pills and becomes a sex crazed zombie, he fucks her and she dies. Now later on when Alias and Chris fucked Angelina, she didn't die, but rather she laughed at the end? Then later on with Trent and Ashley, well she didn't die either... Odd. Ok now for the final scene. Gia attacks Alias and sucks his cock, killing him? Umm, then why didn't Chris die when he got his cock sucked? Hell he fucked her and "saved" her. See my confusion? Another thing, the sex felt as if it drug on and I'm not sure why I felt like that. Jesus, that first scene seemed to last forever. And like I said, they (the scenes) were all pretty solid, they just felt drug out. I'll give it one accolade and that it was it's originality, which means a lot to me in today's porno world. It was defiantly not your run-of-the-mill feature, the sex was Gonzo style and the story was far more off the wall and funny. Also, I got a kick out of the lead "B-Team" guy, the Arnold voice was hilarious! Anyway, I would suggest as a rental, then you can decide what to do from there. I like Ivan's work, it's fresh and it works for the most part, I just wish he had a bigger budget to work with...

Check out Ivan's site for more pics, a trailer and a music video.

I got an email from Ivan about this review:
"in the Opening Gia interview she says that the girls can only be rescued by having semen injected into them orally. Hence Dawn of the Head title and the only girls being rescued from Pop shots to the mouth. Alias's girlfriend dies cause he pops on her back. Ashley keeps being a masturbating machine because Trent comes on her belly. Gia and Angelina are rescued because of the pop shots in the mouth. And that's why there is a B Team, B for Bukakke, where with enough pop shots some will go in the mouth."

Ivan pointed out something I missed. I'm sorry to both Ivan and my readers for this, and I have adjusted my score accordingly as I took off points for what I though was a problem.