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1. Birthplace
--- Soviet Union
2. Age
--- 39 years old, 12 years old mentally
3. Favorite sports figure
--- Eric Dickerson and Marshall Faulk. Growing up I had every magazine with ED on the cover. To this day both players are vital in my life. Weird yes, silly? Even sillier.
4. Best known for which lines
--- For my horror porn spoofs at Evolution Erotica and Extreme Associates pre-this spoof climate in porn. And the young series at Anabolic (Bring 'um Young and Teenage Anal Princess) plus the Sweet Cheeks series. And hopefully now for my asian, black, squirting and big boob nurses movies for Tom Byron Pictures
5. Mouth, pussy or ass?
--- mouth because it is attached to the face. A face is very important to me so are two eyes. I like to chat so those things are very necessary.


1. How the hell did you get into porn?
--- I worked for Rob Black's XPW wrestling promotion. My career and education was/is in film and TV. My brother (Ricky D) was the webmaster for XPW, Extreme and Evolution. He introduced me to the peeps at Extreme, they liked my reel and what I shot for the wrestling thing then asked me if I wanted to shoot BTS for them. I turned down a job on The Bachelor to get into this industry. Once inside I noticed lack of effort and on many occasion skill in some of my co-workers. I asked to shoot and once I got comfortable behind the camera. Rob and Tommy gave me free reign to shoot whatever I wanted. Times were good back then.

2. Everybody hates Rob Black. Especially everybody who used to work for him, Did he have any redeeming qualities?
--- Funny about Rob. Yes everyone who went through the Extreme doors after a while ran out like their pants were on fire. In my 3 plus years there we had a turn over of almost 40 to 50 people. Hhhmm, one common denominator there, right? But here are redeeming qualities of Rob I still share with people when they ask me about him. He could inspire you to do anything. Rob's personality was addictive, that's why I think the contract girls and some of us directors were so loyal to him even when he would shit on us. I always said that working for Rob sucked, BUT hanging with him as a guy was fun as hell. The office was never dull. Imagine walking into work and after a quick, "good morning" to your boss ... it was followed up with, "suck my balls!" You knew it was a beginning of a wonderful day at Extreme. Ahhh the memories!!! I love football so does Rob.

3. When did you first get into horror movies? 
--- I always liked horror movies but I think I got really serious about them when I was in film school. My first feature movie I worked on was called The Crier and boy did it suck. But I met my current filmmaking partner on it. This was in 1993 and from that point on he introduced me to the world of Horror and all of it's fun stuff. I seriously began making horror movies after Film School graduation in 1997. It snow-balled into many projects that had us in dozens of horror magazines and screenings around the world. I have to tell you those were priceless moments in my life that I cherish.

4. Did you have a monster hero growing up?
--- I was freaked out by Elm Street #1 and still can't watch The Exorcist alone. But I LOVE werewolves. So if there are any hungry werewolves out there. You can feed on me anytime. I adore and spread the word on my favorite werewolf movie, American Werewolf in London. In 2000 I met the movie's director John Landis and gave him a copy of our horror zombie movie, Y2K: Shut Down Detected. A few weeks after that he sent me the movie back with a nice letter thanking me for letting him view it. I sent him a thank you letter back, giggling the entire time like a little girl, asking for a quote. A few days later he sends me an Alfred Hitchcock postcard and on the back it reads, "Y2K and Zombies! What could be better!" Talk about the awesomeness of that moment in my life. It gets BETTER. In late 2007 the local Grindhouse Film Festival was screening American Werewolf in London and guess who was the guest speaker. Yup Mr. Landis. So I grabbed my postcard from almost a decade ago and ran to the screening like a 12 year old girl at a Hanson concert. He not only took a picture with me and the card but signed it. As I type this I am looking at the card on my wall. So AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON is my monster and my movie growing up as an old man.

5. What do a chainsaw massacre and a gang-bang have in common?
--- Lot's of screaming on the inside and outside. And plenty of ugly dudes to go around. And to be nasty, sometimes lots of blood. Wait isn't a pussy an axe wound? And as we all have seen some actually look more like a chainsaw went 12 rounds with one.

6. What advice would you give to any guy who thinks he wants to date a porn star?
--- Patience and get rid of all jealous bones in your body. And penicillin. Plus a password to AIM's website. Oh thick skin when your friends start downloading clips of your mami, boo, hunnybuns or sweatypie.

7. Tell us your best old Russian Jewish joke.
--- Why do jews have been noses? Because air is free. I am a Jew and allowed to say this.

8. What's the most disgusting thing you ever saw on a porn set?
--- Poop being eaten ... by accident of course. A few times seeing the "Pink Sock" ... you know the butthole coming out to say hello! Watching our contract girls doing coke of a Suicide Girls book in my office. I was honestly disgusted by that.

9. Who are the five coolest girls you've ever shot and why?
--- It's hard but I'll do my best. Lauren Phoenix for genuinely being an amazing person. Kami Andrews for being my "mami, boo, hunnybuns or sweatypie." for almost two years and sharing amazing moments good and bad. And being the lead in my prize possession Texas' Asshole Massacre. Gia Paloma because she was in both of my horror porn spoofs and genuinely looked out for me at Extreme when times were getting really bad for me over there. Dana DeArmond who I adore as a person. She was my second ever MySpace friend after Tom of course. Dana always would be our team go to girl at Anabolic. And her attitude on and off set is pretty freaking bad ass. And these days my home-chica Jayden Jaymes. She is too cool for her own pants and we have become really good friends the last year and a half. We probably know more about each other then many people in our immediate porn circle.

PLUS I have 9 new favorite cool girls who's sites we do. Jayden (again), Shyla Stylez (um, hot and nice), London Keyes (that's my boo without being my boo), Mason Moore (super duper entertaining), Asa Akira (seriously WTF? why so cool and so hot?), Jessica Bangkok (I just want to hug her), Avy Scott (smart and smart and hot), Natasha Nice (those eyes and those boobs and that addictive young energy), and Charley Chase (might be one of the coolest chicks I ever met)

10. Do you actually own a pair of long pants and would you ever wear them?
--- I own one pair of long pants. Wore them to a funeral 3 years ago and last 2 AVN Awards. Since I won't be attending the Awards Show this year. Pants are retired for now. Unless god forbid someone dies. I truly hope those pants stay hidden for a while. When you asked me earlier about disgusting things. I consider pants a disgusting thing.

11. If your house was on fire, which pieces of sports memorabilia would you grab before you jumped out the window?
--- I would try and put on as many of my "IamIvan" Nike shoes then I would grab my box of football rookie cards under my left arm in which I would have my signed autographed helmets from Peyton Manning (Colts) and Eric Dickerson (LA Rams). With my right arm/hand I would grab my USFL mini helmet collection while the entire time wearing as many of my 150 jerseys as I could. In my mouth I would have my John Landis postcard.

12. You cultivated a lot of young talent for your Anabolic lines. Can you tell when a new girl has something special?
--- Yes I think attitude and personality is key. I usually sit and chat with the girls pre make-up and scene. Personality is a must and it translates well on camera. Especially during the pre-sex interview or scenario. It's silly but sometimes a smile and a sparkle in the girl's eye is what draws me as a guy to her. And I guess as a pervert that draws me into wanting to see her get pounded. Camera presence is what girls need to work on to be successful.

13. What's your mom's best home-cooked dish?
--- I am a simple man with simple tastes. But I love my mom's Russian meat patties. "Kutletas" They are great with rice, pasta, potatoes and on sandwiches. Okay, it's 2am and after I am done, I am going to Mama's to grabbed some. She always has some in the fridge. I would even wear pants to eat them!

14. We heard you used to have a ghost in your house. Is that true?
--- Used to? Still do! I sleep in the living room downstairs. Have so, for about 7 years now. When Kami used stay with me for a while we slept upstairs then migrated to the living room. Paranormal Activity killed my sleep for a week. That banging in the movie I hear at my place almost nightly. So it's still here and it's probably behind me right now :(

15. If someone handed you $100,000 to make your dream porno, what would it be?
--- It would be a $5000 gonzo I would shoot while driving to set in my brand new $95,000 car. Or I would do the most bad ass action packed horror spoof I have been sitting on for about 2 years. Minus the money I am going to do it this year anyways.