The IVAN Report
by. Jersey

(January 2009)

Where is your brother Ricky D these days?

He is in a very happy relationship, he is doing stills for us and graphic work. But majority of his time is spent on our Internet ventures. He is the most well rounded and talented person I know in the industry, hands down. He would be the biggest asset to any company.

What's with all this new paysite stuff you guys are doing, want to promote any of it?

He has a network called hypedough ( There we have and my site Currently we are in development on more sites.

You plan on doing more horror porn comedies? What do you think of all the spoofs now, especially since you were doing them 4 years ago?

Wow loaded question in so many ways. Got to be a little P.C. lol. Those comedies look great! Seem funny but I haven't watched them. I have hardly any free time and when I do I spend it napping or watching horror films.

Okay what about Texas' Asshole Massacre and Dawn of the Head? And new versions by similar titles plus are you going to continue doing more?

Funny huh? Those two movies were done a while back and then all these similar titled movies popped up. Here is the biggest difference, my budgets were from $6,000 to $8,000 from which I needed to shoot at least five scene, create interesting environments and still make them look great. Mind you, no budget and just me as crew. My casts were great, helping me between their takes and scenes. On Texas, Kami was the lead and my crew. We watched the real Texas Chainsaw Massacre then recreated our versions. We would shoot vignettes at nights, all night on green screen, write scenarios. It was a lot of work. And when the movie was completed and came out on DVD, my bosses came to me expressing how my BTS looked like our honeymoon video. Yeah, it kind of was. It was her and me against the world, kind of. So we had the camera rolling the entire time. So many memories. For Dawn of the Head I had an amazing cast as well. Gia Paloma, Chris Evans and Mark Zane were the leads and my crew when available. It was basically me running around with a camera, chasing my cast (COPS style) and shooting mostly on my own. Gia was a good friend and very helpful. She would call me with ideas and meetings and all kinds of stuff. She was great in the movie. Actually in both movies. Both had amazing success being nominated for AVNs for Best Comedy. $6,000 budget movies don't win but it was a nice gesture to have them nominated. Kami even got Best Actress nomination in 2005, she was amazing in the movie. Then I started doing my third horror spoof before quitting early into production.

I now have plans for some more projects and websites. Sites have been bought and ideas have been written. It's time to start shooting and I am always looking for new talent or eager talent I should say. So please anyone reading this, email me.

Care to explain the third movie or you afraid to have more of the same titled projects out?

That's funny I don't think anyone is copying me but if they are, well it's flattering I guess. But I doubt they are.

So no name and no comment on similar titles from same director with some common denominators?

No name, no comment and not that important to me. I'm confident in my skills, my mind, my creative abilities and that's all I worry about.

I understand. It seems as if you have a pretty good reputation with the people in the industry, you know of anyone that might feel otherwise?

Wow, you are grasping at any drama in my life. There are few people I imagine that don't like me or approve of me being kind or polite or I guess better then them. But I have enough worries in the real world of mine to sit and worry about some lame porn drama or who hates me for what. I treat everyone the way I want my loved ones to be treated. And that's it. I guess as I told someone once, I would put my reputation against anyone's in this business. Because really you get what you see. My only porn closet is that once a chick tried to stick her finger in my butt and it hurt, felt like she tried to fist me. I asked her to stop and that was it. So here you go, my big porn closet. Run with it.

Who would you consider friends in porn that if all this ended tomorrow you still would have a relationship with?

If I hung out with you outside of work, I kind of consider you a friend. I am horribly busy so if I take time out of my schedule to hang out, to me that is a step towards a friendship. I'm trusting and very loyal to my friends. But sometimes you get people who take loyalty and kindness and take advantage of the situation. I have cut those people out of my life and to me I believe it's their lose. At work they call me Captain Save-A-Ho. I rather help then hurt, so I can live with that title.

Any names you care to share that are immediate to you?

Well Alana and Chris Evans are both great friends of mine, porn or otherwise. Missy Stone I know from the first day she got off the plane from Maryland. Dakoda Brookes often comes by and we hang out. I'm good friends with Steve who runs Adult Faces, he trusts me shooting his girls early on in their careers because he knows they will have a good positive experience. So it winds up many of his Agency girls become friends. Kind of like my little sisters ... that I shoot having sex with men. Hhhhmmm. I'm friends with a few girls out of the industry now like Veronica Jett, Aline and Jaclyn Case. Kiki Vidis and I often talk even though she might never be back here. Mackenzee Pierce. I guess basically people I consider friends who I don't shoot but still manage to call me or hang out with me. At that point I know it's not that weird looking for work hangout. I am great friends with Elena Heiress, we share a lot of our lives with each other. Same with Moxxie Maddron who for a year of my depression was probably the sole person who knew all the crap I dealt with emotionally and helped me. My friendship is growing with two new hot girls we have been shooting, Jayden Jaymes and Nikki Sexx. They are actually pretty well rounded and cool people. Oh I have to mention or he will text me after reading this. RAVEN from Kick Ass Pictures is one of my best friends! In porn BFF in real life very good friend. Also Jesse our music guy and I hang a lot, he is trying to make me a drinker like himself but it's not working. Piper Austin is an awesome chick, she is in our bowling league, she promotes me like crazy and is just a fun-hot-cool girl. I used to be real good friends with Summer Verona before she took off. She used to call me from the Bunny Ranch and tell me how the HBO crew was shooting her for their show. Fun stories. My brother and I work and talk everyday together and hangout so besides family he is the most consistent figure in my life. And now that he is older and more mature I can share more with him.

Sometimes your trailers have a mainstream movie feel yet there are so many "directors" who get praise while their work looks as if it was shot or edited by a sixth grader? Do you ever get offended by the blindness of people's reaction one way or another?

I actually do. I have seen trailers and movies where I'm dumbfounded but what I have seen. But as anything, you force feed people and they learn to tolerate it, eventually enjoy it and then praise it. If you have no other choice you watch it, if someone you respect says this is good ... you listen and then go yeah that's wonderful! I have seen trailers posted online with some of the loosest editing and average at best camera work but the responses are, "wow, trailer looks great!", or "amazing can't wait to get the movie!" I guess to some they see a naked chick getting pounded and they forget about any technical issues. To me I believe my trailers are top notch and would compare to any gonzo work. I'm not going to go and beg or explain the quality of my work or others to people. It's too much. You like what you like and you watch what you watch.

Awards? you care? You deserve? Your thoughts?

Deserve? Yes! Care a little. But it's not even the award it's just recognition of hard work and good product. I like the independent reviewers and out of state people. They seem less caring about the politics. For instance, Rog T. Pipe loves and respects my work. He praises me to others and includes me in his yearly nominations. Same with out of town Fox Magazine and a few Indy reviewers. But when it comes to major in state magazine I can't get a sniff of a review. My first year directing for Anabolic, I directed around a dozen movies. Only one was reviewed by AVN but that was with the old regime. But here is the most important part and only one that really matters, what the fans think. And by people's reactions at the convention and emails I get, people like my stuff and with that I am happy 100%. Those are the most important praises, rewards or awards.

When you and I spoke, you mentioned some interesting job offers you had from some big companies. Care to elaborate?

Not really, but they were pretty cool ego boosts and I appreciate the offers.

words association or opinions:
Ricky D
Most talented person I know
Amazing company and opportunity
Extreme Associates
Ridiculously crazy and fun
Rob Black
fun to hang with bad to work for
Tom Byron
my teacher, my friend, a legend. I owe him and Rob Black a lot for giving me the opportunity
Exploitation of Women
Exploitaion of women? or by women?
Kami Andrews
Most fun and drama I ever had in my life but taught me a lot and I wish her the world
Max Hardcore
Fire sometimes burns back, kind of sad though
Michael Vick
Scum bag way before the dog fighting. Fuck em
Jules Jordan
Inspiration and respect
Internet Companies
Smart enough to jump on it

Besides the companies you have worked for, who else do you respect, admire or just simply close to?

I'm great friends with Raven from Kick Ass so I guess I'm close to their team. Good people. Elegant Angel is kind of my home away from home away from home. Everyone there has treated me with utmost respect. Patrick Collins is someone I admire and am always encouraged by his words and kindness towards me.

Who did you briefly date recently?

Christy Canyon, briefly.

Any love interests?

Yes had one but she dissapeared, literally disappeared.

Care to mention her name? She in the industry?

She is a performer but don't want to mention her because it's kind of personal.

How many porn girls have you been with?

Been with in public or private? Just busting your balls. I have been with more civilians than porn girls. I keep it personal and I think the porn chicks see me as a big brother. Porn girls tend to be into the pretty male performers until they are cheated on or find out those dudes, liked, like or will like penis in the future. Cuddly bears get hugs not mouth hugs.

Okay which girls and which guys?

It's like fishing in a barrel, that's it.

Do you have any dogs or cats?

Love dogs. My parents have a German Sheperd named Whisper and little maltese monster named Simon. I have two rescued cats my homegirl named Ruffles and big ass 25 pound adopted boy named Pringles. They fight all the time.

Right now what DVD do you have in your DVD Player?

At home I have Feast #3 and at work Different Strokes, Season #1

Any final words or promotions?

First of thank you for the interview. It was a bit like dodging live rounds but very cool. Got me thinking about a lot. We have corresponded for a long time and I am amazed how much you really know. For anyone interested in anything I do they can go to or check out my new internet reality show And my email address is Thank you for this pretty interesting interview.