Independent Filmmaker, Ivan
another exclusive NinjaPimp interview!
The Ivan Issue (#26)


Ivan, can you tell us a little bit about your job?

Many might think that my job is fairy simple. A camera, some lights, naked girls and there ya' have it. It can be that simple, I try to go the extra step. Making movies that people not only can spank to but be entertained by. I was once told that renters often keep and buy the DVD's, which is from where a lot of distribution comes from ... re-orders. So I try to put something in each movie to make it worth keeping for the customer. I have re-done the Texas Chainsaw Massacre final chase but with two naked girls and a 3 foot #&#^! replacing the chainsaw. I have done up skirt hula hoop teases, funny vignettes, guess the camel toe games, etc. etc. I love my job and I love giving fans interesting things to look at. Plus yes the girls are hot, the girls are fun, and sometimes the perks are way okay.

What movies have you worked on?
I have a line called Ivan's S^@&-O-RAMA presents, it's a horror spoof line which has been very successful. The first in the series Texas' @$$#0L# Massacre was nominated for 3 AVN Awards including Best Comedy, Video. It was also nominated for the Best Comedy at the XRCO Awards. And won Best Parody from Adam Film World Adult Guide Awards. The second was Dawn of the Head and currently has three pre-noms including the Best Comedy again. I am currently working on The Sex Sense. I also do an Asian gonzo line "Youth 'N' Asia", a vignette series "Sexual Predator" and recently took over Tom Byron's @$$ Eaters Unanimous. I have edited over 70 movies and did camera on over 40 movies for Evolution Erotica and Extreme Associates.

What would you consider your best work?
By far my favorites are my two $LU!-O-Ramas, I did horror movies before getting into porn and it was a natural transition. I love Sexual Predator ..2, it was my first true vision and baby. I cherish the Killer Klown vignette, it was in my head for over a year before I shot it. In the order I guess it's Texas' @$$#0LE Massacre, Sexual Predator 1 & 2, and Dawn of the Head.

What is the most amazing thing you have seen during a video?
(Edited) My most amazing video moment has to be shooting the Texas chase scene and watching the chase footage from my little Kodak camera with a fisheye. Everyone always comments on those shots. I am very proud of it and the two girls involved, Kami Andrews and Gia Paloma...

Does anything in the business bother you?
I love women, a lot. I can not stand seeing how some men mistreat them. On my shoots I treat everyone with the respect I wish to be treated with. Every female performer is someone's daughter, sister, mother, wife, and/or girlfriend. They have a life when the camera stops rolling. I think many people forget that. I know of guys not hiring girls or even make-up artists unless the girls give them "favors". I don't hire performers male or female that disrespect others or have no clue on how to be professionally inept. Like showing up on time or prepared. The drug use I am not a fan of, but to each his own. Just keep it away from me and my space.

Who are the best photographers in the business?
I have worked with a few photographers so far. I have stayed exclusive with my companies and know of who I have been around. Kris King is amazingly talented, so is Joel Jet who is our regular guy. I have to be bias, my friend Mark Milano who is no longer with our company is my favorite. He is a great friend and a very creative guy. He used to take these great set shots of me, I use two of them still on my business cards. He has now started shooting video as well. I often tell him he needs to make a coffee table book, I would be the first in line for it.

Who are the best people to work with?
People that can separate the business part from it. It's still a business, treat it that way. Be on time, be prepared, and be into it. Of course having people who enjoy sex is a huge plus. You can talk someone into doing so much.

Who are the worst people to work with?
There are girls, girls in every sense of the word, that think they are pre-Madonna's. Throwing attitude, showing up whenever they please, being high on set. I can't imagine how some of these people live their lives without a babysitter. We had one girl tell us she doesn't wear a watch so she wouldn't know how late she is. Recently we had an agent bring a girl an hour late and during stills while getting her into position, we realized he never told her what type of scene it was. Scene was cancelled, this agent is notorious for this. I won't be using him again.

Who are the best directors?
From my short expansion into the industry, I have gathered that Best comes with many aspects. Where they work, what they do, the budgets for hiring better/worse talent, how they deal with performers, how they treat people around them. Anyone can turn on the camera and say "fuck!". I believe the best directors are well-rounded in their field and are always looking to improve. I have seen people around a long time who know only enough to push the red button and record sex ... and I know people who deserve the break that they ares still waiting for. I am not sure who are the best, I guess these days we will go by who sells the most.

Are drugs a regular part of the adult movie business?
I think drugs come with any business. When I worked in TV and Film, I saw as much as I did in p0rn. It's just in porn some people over do it. I am straight-edge, shit don't even drink coffee. But d@mn do I love to eat. That's my drug. I don't see why people act as if drugs are so cool, prancing around telling stories. Does anyone respect some who keeps saying they love pills? Or are the a butt of all jokes? Some people use drugs to get through the day, some use it get what they need, and others are very responsible with them. I just came of a pretty extensive psychological mind-f#&k and depression. Some people would say get high, drink, loosen up. I didn't and you know what it was hard but at the end worth. The pain was bad, the emotions were heart wrenching but at least I let my mind heal itself as it is supposed to do.

I think in moderation everything is okay. Do what you will as long as you are not hurting anyone around you especially friends and family.

How safe is it for a girl to work in the business?
The safety for the girls in the business is pretty high. They choose who they work with, what they do, and how. I know sometimes they are pressured or asked but eventually it's their decision. I believe it's safer then stripping or escorting. God knows who you might run into or work with in those fields. I have more horror stories from stripping and dancing then ever in p0rn.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Honestly I see myself in the business, hopefully with a small successful company. Running it with a nice woman in my life. My ex-girlfriend and I often talked about a dream like that. We have a few friends who are living this dream right now. I can also see myself settling down and running a small bakery in a small town. I need a simple relaxing conclusion, no partying just my XBox 720, a big screen TV, DirectTV football package, and lady. Hopefully by then LA will have a team. Go Los Angeles Stars! (my prediction on the team and name)

How often do you work per week?
I edit daily but probably shoot 2 to 3 scenes a week. Usually a scene a day. Besides shooting during the day, I make my own schedule. Often editing late night to early morning, it's more peaceful that way. I spend a lot of time working on my website and doing extensive journals about my daily existence. cheap plus coming ... :)

Do you have anything to say to NinjaPimp's fans?
Stay tuned for more cool SL#&-O-Rama movies, give them a chance you might find them entertaining. And just maybe I will have a ninja pimp in my next movie ;)

We'd love to see a NinjaPimp in your next movie. Especially if it was an evil one! Thanks for a very insightful interview. I wish you the best. Please keep in touch!