PR Interview
Conducted by Scott Biz
Extreme Associates / Evolution Eroitca

This has been a busy year for you and your movie Texas Asshole
Massacre just won an award.

It is nice to win something because it means some people out there actually enjoy our work. The movie was a collaboration of funny scenarios and a great cast. I had this idea for over a year and when I was given the go ahead on it, I was like a kid in a candy store. The lead Kami Andrews (credited as Salome) and I would spend everyday shooting inserts at my house and anywhere else. We also bounced ideas off each other. The opening informercial monologue by Kami was all her, I gave her the basic outline and she ran with it all the way to her Best Actress nomination. The final chase sequence was one thing I wanted from the beginning. I wanted to re-create the crazy chase from Chainsaw Massacre but with two naked chicks. The night before the shoot, we sat and watched Chainsaw, especially the chase and Leatherface's weird final chainsaw dance. I wanted Kami to do the dance but with that 3 foot dildo. She did and it was amazing. I get comments from horror fans all the time about the chase and particularly the dance.

What do you feel gives you an edge in the way you produce and direct your movies?

I love creative control and freedom I am given. I come with an idea, pitch it, and am told go do it! NO restrictions, NO guidelines ... wait one thing, Anal! We must have anal! Lots of anal! Our movies are anally charged! hahaha I try to have a loose and fun set. I treat everyone with the same respect that I would like to be treated with. To me every performer is someone's loved one and I choose to treat them as I would want someone to treat someone I care for. I think having a happy cast and crew works as an advantage for a better atmosphere as well as work ethic. I have crewed on many productions where the boss was a dick and it showed in cast/crew morale but a good set manager can get more out of someone by simply being courteous and nice. People who feel respected and treated as a human being will tend to give you a bit more and work a bit harder out respect for you, the same respect that you give them. Plus on my productions we always have cool toys, wardrobe, and or props to play with. Which always loosens people up. I think also having unique storylines and scenarios tends to make people want to be involved because it might be something new and different for them to do. I have had people ask to be in my movie just from them seeing the silly scenarios that I shoot. One movie we had t-shirts, thongs, hats, mouse pads, etc. made for the movie's modeling Agency: Hollywood's Official Starlets (HOS) the other we had Zombie Patrol Squad (ZIPS) shirts, hats, badges, etc that said "We Serve, We Protect, We Bukkake if we have to!". It's fun to wear and people often get to keep the cool little props or wardrobe. Plus I buy them stuff :)

How long have you been in the adult industry?

I am coming on three years in the industry. I started as a BTS guy, then a BTS editor, then asked to shoot Bonus scenes ... eventually leading to my first movie and then becoming a full time editor and director. My education and background is in film (Bachelors Degree in Motion Picture). I worked in film and TV for many years, until meeting Kevin K (old general manager for Extreme and Evolution). He asked me to shoot some wrestling stuff for Rob's old wrestling promotion which eventually led to me becoming a full-time employee for Evolution/Extreme a year later.

What or who was your inspiration to get into the adult industry?

I always wondered about the adult industry but never knew how to get my foot into it. Once in a while I did the wrestling stuff for them but was too nervous to ask about doing the porn. I liked what they did, it seemed real laid back and fun. With very creative way of doing things. The first two things I ever saw from Extreme were The Pornographer and Cocktails. Cocktails freaked me out but The Pornographer got me hooked. It is an awesome movie. Still have that VHS copy. The first time I saw Tom Byron in person, I was like ... wait I have spanked to you screwing girls since high school. When I met him he didn't have his famous mullet anymore. :(

What are you working on now? Any big projects planned?

Right now I am finishing up Youth 'N' Asia #2. This is my only gonzo line. I shoot LOADS of tease with weird props, lighting, and colors. The girls wear vibrant outfits and make-up and are screwed on very colorful sets. The first YNA I did a "Guess the Camel Toe" DVD game with the prize being a 10 minute masturbation sequence by the girls. For this one I am removing the game but adding a bonus "Hula Hoop Fun" section, where the girls do the hoola hoop thingy without panties while I shoot them from below. Kind of fun as all the girls haven't hula hooped for a long time.

My next project is another Ivan's Slut-O-Rama presents. The first was Texas' Asshole Massacre then I did Dawn of the Head and next is The Sex Sense. I can not wait to begin that one. It's all shot and edited in my head. Now I just need to connect my brain to a computer and download the final product. But since that technology is not at our disposal yet, I just have to get to shooting it asap. Can't wait. Rawr

How did you become associated with Extreme?

My little brother did web work for their wrestling promotion, I was his ride and once in a while helped out. They liked my ringside camerawork and then it all fell into place.

How do you feel about the Obscenity charges against Rob Black and Lizzy Borden?

It amazes me how people can be prosecuted for making a movie, a movie for adults by adults. Maybe if Rob and Lizzy did a nightvision version of this movie with some clueless celebrities, they wouldn't be prosecuted but idolized by the masses. Or maybe they should claim to be the clergy to just get re-assigned to another part of Chatsworth.

How does the legal problems affect your creative decisions when it comes to new productions?

I always worry about anything I shoot or edit for Extreme and Evolution. But I have never been told to curb something or tame something down. If anything I get the ultimate freedom to do what I want to who I want or how I want. All I get told is to go and have fun, but make sure to get some anal and a few atms. Not on me of course, the girl!

Married or single?

I have been going out with Kami Andrews for over a year and a half. She is a very smart and creative chick who loves filmmaking, football and the UFC! She was the lead in Texas' Asshole Massacre. And really my inspiration, she gives the confidence and support I need. Dang plus she has some amazing ideas herself.

What is something that would surprise most people if they knew this about you?

People would be surprised that for the first year and a half I never touched one girl in our business. There are many who take advantage of their positions creating a somewhat tense and creepy envirnonment. I tend to treat people with the same respect I want my loved ones treated. It's still a business and it still should be professional. Kami was my first porno-girl.

Oh yeah plus I am hobby nut. Some drink, some smoke, some take drugs ... I buy shit A LOT of shit. Here are a few hobbies I am currently still attached to: Movie monster figures, spawn figures (300+), mini football helmets, jerseys (over 120), football cards (over 110,000), DVDs (645), gas masks, Super-8 Cameras (30+), filmmaking equipment, props, plus other weird stuff.

If you had one wish- what would it be?

I'll give a five count in case some don't come true.
1. Peace in the world ... in case I run for Mr. USA
2. Bigger penis or a smaller belly ... whichever one is quicker, easier, or cheaper
3. Finding a winning lottery ticket ... too lazy to buy one
4. More stuff for my collections
5. This probably is the one I want the most next to #2 ... to have a job I love doing and doing it with someone or people I love.