conducted: November 2005
posted: July 2006

I'm sitting here with Ivan of Who are you directing for these days?

I direct for Evolution. I shoot for both Extreme and Evolution, edit for both companies as well. I used to edit all of the stuff, but we recently brought in Chris Evans to do some of it. One building, two companies, but we share everything.

Let's focus on your directing. Shall we start with Texas?

That movie had been in my head for a year before they let me shoot what I wanted. I used to do horror movies before I did porn so I figured what could be better than doing spoofs of horror movies. The title "Texas' Asshole Massacre" was something my brother came up with a year earlier. I just had to come up with the movie. Luckily Kami was under contract at the time so she could star in it. It took about three months to do the script and gather all of the props. The movie is basically about Texas and her modeling agency called Hollywood Official Starlets Agency or the "Ho's Agency." What they do is take porn actresses and try to turn them into real actresses. There is an underlying story where the girls are turned into homemade chili. The final scene of the movie is one that I story boarded a year before. I recreated the final scene from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with Kami chasing Gia through the woods with a twenty-seven inch dildo. It is my pride and joy so far and it's very entertaining. What I really enjoy is that all of my horror friends get a kick out of it and that is so important. I don't want them to be disappointed with it. Kami is amazing in the movie. She does a five minute info-mercial at the beginning of the movie. We shot on the green screen. I gave her the props and a basic outline of what I wanted and we did takes for an hour. It was very impressive.

She has been in a ton of movies, but that was really the first time anyone ever let her do a lot of acting. She was great, very funny.

That is the weird thing. She says she hasn't done any feature stuff, but for the ad-lib stuff she was the best I have ever worked with. She was great and even did the physical comedy well. Hopefully she will get more chances to do this.

The chase scene is so classic. We all know it by heart and you have Gia running with a handheld camera it was beautifully shot, funny and a great tribute to one of the most famous horror scenes in history.

What we did was sit down and watch the movie the night before we shot. If you watch the movie, Kami does the dance just like Leatherface. The only thing we couldn't do was have her hurt herself with it.

Other directors should take note that she can be as funny on camera as she is off.

That was right at the beginning of our serious relationship and if you watch the behind the scenes you can kind of see that.

How many movies have you directed?

Right now, five. I have shot a lot more, but credited with five.

What are the movies people should look for.

"Sexual Predators" which is a rough line. I do an Asian line called "Youth N Asia."

I have reviewed a couple of those.

You reviewed "Sexual Predators 2." The first one has Lauren Phoenix, Katsumi, Victoria Sin, Julie Night and Lucy Lee as a bonus scene.

Which movie has you putting film stock on the walls to dress the sets?

That was "Sexual Predator 2."

Anyone who wants to see dedication to ones craft should watch the BTS on that one.

That is the one where I put the cap on the lens and actually fall asleep. I couldn't believe it.

You got a lot out of Kami for that scene. So many directors hire her for a rough scene and just rely on her talent to carry the scene.

She did a great scene in that movie.

Let's talk a little bit about the new movie.

It's called "Dawn of the Head." It is about an out of work clown who steals these pills from the Defense Department that turn even the most violent of people into horny maniacs. The clown distributes the pills on the streets. People take the pills and become so horny that they will actually masturbate themselves to death. There is a special group of cops called the Zombie Patrol Squad or ZIPS who have to rescue these people. The only way to cure them is to make them ingest semen. The story follows this unit and is shot like "Cops", it's a spoof and a comedy.

Sounds like they are out saving the world.

Yes they are. Their motto is "We protect, we serve, we bukkake if we have to." There is also the B-Team which is a group of citizen volunteers in ski masks who go out at night and bukkake girls in need. There is a blow bang scene as the guys rescue Genesis Sky. For one of the cops it is a revenge thing because his girlfriend got a hold of the pills and died tragically.

So there is deep character development.

Yes and a hero at the end. It's very funny.

You obviously make porn from a different perspective than the guys who shoot couples on couches.

I do. I was talking to Tom Byron and he said that there is a lot of money to be made when people rent porn movies and keep them. I decided that I wanted to make the kind of movies that people would want to keep and show to their friends. When I buy movies, I buy movies that people have told me about. I want to put a unique spin on things. Even in a movie where the sex isn't as good as some, I want there to be something where people will want to hold onto it.

Which is not to say that the sex in Texas is bad. It's as good as people would expect to see from other Extreme gonzo movies.

When I shoot, I make sure that I concentrate on the sex as much as the other stuff. If I'm shooting feature of vignettes, I get tired but I want to have a good sex scene. Even if I'm tired when I get to the sex scene I make sure I put a strong effort into it.

That could make casting quite difficult.

It can. I try to shoot people who into it. For the feature stuff I try to cast people who are willing to come in and not complain. One of the reasons Texas is so good is the cast. They are terrific. Kami was fantastic. She was always looking to shoot more stuff. Dawn of the Head was the same way. Most of the major players are people from the office. They were very dedicated and I had the support of my bosses which really helped. It is good to have people on your team when you're shooting stuff like this.

And this movie is out now?

It comes out today. (NOTE: It is out now: Full Review Here ... DOTH review)

This is really a return to feature for Extreme. It has been a long time, but they do have a good history with sexually hot features. If someone hasn't seen your work, what should they pick up first?

Definitely Texas. It is something that I have thought about and wanted to do for over a year. I really love the movie. It was the first movie that I really felt was my own. It was a great experience and I think that the movie is very good. Dawn of the Head should be good as well. We had a little more time to focus on the lighting and the props.

Your brother shoots for Diabolic doesn't he?

Yes, he edits and shoots for them. His name is Ricky D

Is there any competition between you two?

None. He calls me an artist and himself a money maker. He really takes pride in his work, but it's different stuff. He's very young and started at Extreme at 18 as a web guy.

Do you watch other porn?

Not really. I'm too busy shooting and editing.

Is there anything that impresses you from a lighting standpoint?

I don't really watch a lot of porn now and when I watched it before I wasn't watching for the lighting. It was the girl on the penis that caught my attention. I am a perfectionist and I'm afraid to watch it because if I see the slightest thing wrong I am going to tear it apart.

Do you think that editing makes you a better director?

Yes. I just recently sat down with a director in our office and went over with him a list of things that he needs for a good scene. If you have never sat down with bad footage then you have no idea what good footage really is.

What have you brought into porn from your background in independent film?

We had to shoot all of those movies for no budget and on weekends. So I've learned things like how to light a warehouse with shop lights, how to make your own dolly or steady cam and that stuff. I apply that to the movies I make for Evolution.

If anyone wants to see any of your horror films, where can they go?

The web site is it's currently being reworked.

What are you doing next?

"Youth N Asia 2"

As a fan of Asian girls, I loved the first one.

With this one I am going to try to shoot a lot of tease. I have some ideas for different features, but I may have to hold off on those for a while. "Dawn of the Head" was a little expensive, but there will be more Slut O Rama movies.

That's good. We need more horror/comedy porn flicks with great sex scenes. Is Kami in "Dawn of the Head?"

No, but she is the star of the next feature I want to do. It is written for someone who can pull it off and few can.

We should add again that directors looking to shoot features with dialog should give Kami serious consideration. She is a better than people know at that aspect of the business.

Yes she is.

Extreme and Evolution both have histories with directors who are or become performers. Will you be following that tradition?

Oh no. Not me. I've never even touched a breast on set. Whenever I've been on set, it's about the job. If I'm a PA, or shooting or directing it is all about doing the best job I can. I am not there to get my jollies.

How should people get in touch with you?

The website is and the email is

You said that there is no competition between you and your brother.

That's right.

Can I stir some up? He sells better than you right?

I don't know.

But your stuff is better.

I don't know if I would say that.

Come on Ivan work with me. Give me something.

OK, I'm a better basketball player than he is, even though he thinks I'm not.

All right, that will do.

Thanks Rog.