by. Smut Mutant


How do you get into the porn biz?

Well it's kind of interesting story. Rob Black used to own a wrestling company, XPW, that my brother (Ricky Dynamite, director/editor for Diabolic) did lots of work for as a young kid. He was only 14 when he started with helping them doing their website stuff and live show internet play-by-play. At the time I was working on an FX Networks TV show, The X Show. I introduced XPW to one of the hosts and quickly we became priviliged VIP's at the shows. Then this host got Lizzy Borden on The X Show a few times for various skits. I wound up tagging along with my bro one time to some small warehouse show they did for some Japanese fans. I shot the matches and they asked me to shoot some live shows. So when Tom Byron started Evolution Erotica his General Manager at the time Kevin K. asked me to come along as BTS guy and crew person. I actually turned down work on the Bachelor show at the time to come work for Evolution. With time they started letting me edit and shooting scenes. Then I became a full time editor for Extreme and full-time Director and editor for Evolution.

Was it always an aspiration to be a pornographer?

I always thought about it, actually thought about it a lot. But never had any way of getting in. When I started shooting some wrestling for Rob I debated asking for a foot in the door but was too nervous. Luckily Kevin approached me.

How many films have you made?
Adult film wise I have done: Sexual Predator #1 with #2 being my true vision, Texas' Asshole Massacre, Youth'N'Asia and shot many scenes for various movies for Evolution and Extreme. I have edited about 30 some films in the last 10 months or so.
Main Stream wise: I worked on over 150 features, commercials, shorts, etc. Personal Independent projects: I have shot and/or directed 10 Independent features/shorts. We've (my partners and I) have actually been lucky enough to win some awards and have our films screened all over the world.

How many films have you worked on or edited?
Gosh, I guess my long winded last answer almost answered that question. Okay I will check my bio. real quick and get back to this in a few..... I have worked on over 60 Adult films in about a year in a half, I edited over 30 of them, and edited 50 BTS as well. I am a numbers geek and love throwing them around. Gosh you should see me during football season, I sit, read, and live stats.

What was the inspiration for Texas’ Asshole Massacre?
It's all about horror, suspense, slasher, and sci-fi for me. I love that stuff, it helps me get through the day. The last two weeks (as of today) I watched 15 low-budget and/or bad horror/sci-fi/slasher films between editing gaping assholes. In seriousness, I have been making monster movies with my own money for a long time. My bosses know that and gave me a go ahead on my own (do-what-you-want) line. I couldn't be more grateful to them and started a line called Ivan's SLUT-O-RAMA presents ... a horror spoof line with Texas' Asshole Massacre being the first installment. The title I had in my head for over a year just sitting on it. Then once I got the go ahead with Kami (Andrews) being the lead, I ran with the ideas. She was the backbone of the project. She booked scenes, was my crew, and was always there for anytime of shooting. One night I was like, "Kami I need you taking a bath with the baby (27 inch dildo)" next thing I knew she was naked. Who can ask for anything more.

Explain the difficulties in directing a porno flick?
I think it depends on what type you are doing. With feature/vignette type you have more to think about, more to capture and convey to the audience. Plus it makes for a longer day for everyone, so sometimes you have to be like a coach or team leader ... making sure everyone is informed and comfortable. I respect everyone's time and efforts. No matter what you are doing on the set, you are part of the team and a person. I treat everyone with the same respect. And a happy crew/cast will always make you happier with their work ethic. Of course, there are some no matter how much leeway you give them, they have no professionalism or respect in their mind. But still you have to be courteous to everyone. I think a big part of directing porn or anything else, is casting. If you cast the right performers ... your job is easier and the final product is that much better.
The few difficulties I have encountered so far have been: lateness, attitude (on my last project, grrrr), wood issues, dirtiness issue, lateness, sometimes lighting more then two folks, and did I mention lateness. But with proper casting 90% of that stuff is eliminated. If a person getting minimum wage can make it to Burger King on time and everyday, I can't see why someone getting $1000 cash can't do the same. But ehh, That's life. I wouldn't trade my job for anything.

Explain your camera obsession and describe your collection.
I have this sick obsession with Super-8 cameras. My filmmaking background is in film, so maybe this is my sick way of holding on, I don't know. I started collecting these cameras about three or fours years ago. First going to pawn shops then spending serious bank on ebay. I have over 40 Super-8 and 16mm cameras, projectors, and editors. So any opportunity I get to have a hot chick on set hold one for some stills I grab it. My website is all about these pics. BTW, I have many obsessions from Spawn figures (350+), Football figures (300+), Football cards (100,000+), DVD's (500+), Jerseys (80+), Gas masks, to Lucha Libre masks (20+) ... plus my house is covered with old props from our films. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, I don't even drink coffee ... all my money goes into these weird obsessions and these days mostly into those cameras. Those DAMN CAMERAS!!! I need more!!! ***camera hand shakes, shooting eye twitches*

How many cameras did you use in your productions?
I usually use one main one, but sometimes use some kind of camera prop/equipment. In Sexual Predator #2, I worked with a Super-8 camera and a projector to project that footage. In Texas' Asshole Asshole Massacre I used a little Canon Elura with a fisheye lens for the chase. In Youth'N'Asia I used an underwater housing. In the next movie I plan on using my car rig and pogo cam.

How many porn chicks have you boinked?
That's a funny question. I got into porn to have an opportunity to shoot and get paid for it. It was never about the girls, of course it doesn't hurt having hot naked girls around. My concentration has always been about the work, I have seen some lose their focus thinking with their weiner. I am now going out with Kami Andrews and she would be my only porn chick I have boinked.

What’s in store for your next movie?
My next movie is another SLUT-O-RAMA thing, this one being Dawn of the Head. I got some fun things lined up for this one, got props being built and music being composed. I probably jinxed both right now but time will tell.

How many flicks are you going to make a year?
My bosses wanted me to make at least one a month but my editing schedule is too overwhelming for that. Recently we hired another editor which should free up some time for me to shoot more.

Who are your influences?
I am influenced by people who take pride in their work and spend the time to craft their skills. I have to say I enjoy movies adult or other wise that entertain me. No particular person just movies. I like turning my brain off and enjoying a fun or scary or action filled time. With adult I like hearing/seeing the girls interact with either the camera or a person on screen with her. Seeing that they have personalities and character. I am influenced by movies of that sort and try to do the same. BTW, I really love Camel Toes. On the Youth'N'Asia DVD I made a "Guess the Camel Toe" game and by winning you get 10 extra minutes of masturbation from the girls.

Tell the perverts about your website.
My website as of a few days ago had trailers to my movies, but I had to remove them for now. Big brother or step brother is watching, ssshhhh. But I have a lot of cool things there. I have a huge gallery collection of porn chicks with my Super-8 film cameras, some music teases of girls, my bi-daily journal with pictures, articles, and lots of behind the scenes stuff. The website is Thanks for letting me plug it.

What the fuck is Tom Byron doing w/ himself these days?
Tommy is doing very well these days. He has stopped smoking and works out daily. He is constantly in talks regarding new projects and ideas. He still shoots/directs Ass eaters Unanimous and Meat Pushin. in the Seat Cushion. I think right now he is prepping to shoot Black Up That White Ass #4. Tommy is one cool dude, everyone likes him.

Does porn exploit women?
No. Adults doing adult things and it's no one's business. The women get paid very well and make their own decisions, adult decisions.