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Adult/Mainstream REEL

Mission Statement.

What I offer... I am the hardest working and most professional director you will find in our industry (2009 Award for Hardest Director in Porn by Fox Magazine). I pride myself on my work ethic and drive to put together the best product possible. Since 2004 I have directed for Extreme Associates, Evolution Erotica and Anabolic Digital with uncredited work for various other companies. My reputation precedes me with building trust among many agents and performers to the point where some agents trust only me in shooting their new girls’ first scenes. This is what I bring to the table. Further, my friendship and relationships with many of these performers result in higher energy scenes and girls willing to do bigger and newer things on camera. For example, due to my reputation and relationship I wound up shooting Dakoda Brookes's first creampie, double vag., anal and DP and Missy Stone's first scene, anal and BBGA.

I have the most elaborate Adult Director site in the business. With free clips/trailers, fun games, contests, blogs and interraction with fans. This comes as a high commodity as I promote t not end; anything and everything as well as any company I am associated with. My crossover helps build new fan bases and shines new light for my product.

My job is my career and my career is my life. I created the "I am Ivan" moniker that has built a reputation for having some of the highest quality adult material on the market as well as some of the best trailers in the business. My education and background is in Film. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Cinematography and Motion Picture from the world reknowned Brooks Institute of Photography where I was awarded the "President's Award”, being only the 51st winner in the school's 50 years in existence. I bring this experience, knowledge and skills to all my productions. Whether it's using new camera/lighting tricks or editing some of the best music montage teases out there, I consistently create projects of a high level. AVN Magazine has called it "MTV Style shooting and editing". I have been doing Independent Horror Films since 1997 and have two Award-winning highly acclaimed Porn-Horror spoofs in 2004 and 2005.

Besides my work behind the camera, I spend my time doing PR every day. My daily blog won the Porn Blog of the Year Award in 2006, and my website has a very strong following of fans and industry people (at one point averaging over 600,000 hits per month). I have also started and am heavily into two internet reality shows about my adult, horror and personal life: and For the last six years I have accumulated almost 200 different girls in my niche "Girls with Cameras" galleries on my site. This has brought mainstream attention to me and my product - one major filmmaking community chatboard hyped me up enough to spark a cover story about me in a Mainstream Filmmaking Publication. Recently I had a small feature part in MTV's True Life, again creating a bigger fan base. And now am featured on a new Reality Shoe shot for Playboy Network. These days my reputation and professionalism has helped us wrangle in some of the biggest names in the industry for out internet company ( This partnership is in charge of creating official websites for Jayden Jaymes, Shyla Stylez, Mason Moore, London Keyes, Asa Akira, Avy Scott, Natasha Nice, Kelly Surfer, Charley Chase and Jessica Bangkok. I am in charge of the official videography and editing for these sites. To see examples of my work (camera and editing), visit these sites and view the trailers.

Currently, besides, I have been doing camera for, Directing for Anabolic, the last 7 months I have also shooting for Tom Byron Pictures as well as Riedemption Productions and in development on another Horror Porn Spoof project.

I have been doing mainstream horror films since 1997 with high critical acclaim and awards as well as Festival screenings around the world. The "Reel" above includes a few clips from some of those projects. Currently we are in pre-production on our thirs installment of our Horror Comedy mini-series, Roadside Killer.

LINKS to more information (323.397.5856) or
What people are saying:
Adult Industry:      
“Brilliant creations from Horror Porn Maestro Ivan”
AVN Magazine
"Ivan's trailers are better than most's movies."
Industry Insider
"In comparison to most of the deluded with cameras who consider themselves directors, Ivan has vision"
"Ivan has re-energized Anabolic."
"wondering how to define really original, exciting, evolving, involving, world class pornography, I offer a short answer: Ivan E"
Erik Jay, Director's Chair columnist,
XBiz Premiere.
“Ivan is most well rounded director who can shoot gonzo and features in Anabolic history.”
“What everyone else is trying to do, what some directors claiming to accomplish, Ivan’s doing. Already. And WELL.”
"MTV style shooting and Editing"
AVN Magazine
Mainstream Media:  
"an impressive debut from some promising new filmmakers"
Fangoria Magazine
"a potent and polished tour de force of low budget filmmaking."
You could actually see people who would NEVER watch a low budget horror film, buying this movie and putting it on their shelf next to their copies of The Magnificent Seven or Deathwish ... What we are treated to is a classic gun battle that would rival any Peckinpah spaghetti splatter gunfight ever shot."

“A carefully molded, no-budget slice of entertainment!”
Ultra Violent Magazine

“A terrific calling card for these talented indie filmmakers.”
Shock Cinema Magazine

“GIVE these GUYS some $$. They are worth the investment!”
Screaming Stoner Video

“How far can they go if somebody gives them a chance to run with it?”
Micro-Film Magazine

"If you're a film student who wants a great "how-to" video and a nice little featurette to go with it, rent Y2K. If you enjoy short films like the kind being presented lately on the Sci-Fi Channel's Exposure, rent Y2K”
Video Scope Magazine
"The cinematography is excellent with very slick use of computer imaging and digital editing. The cast is surprisingly effective and the effects work (both make up and digital) are simple stunning. If this doesn’t get these guys more work then the industry is deader than I thought."
Neon Madness Magazine
“Fantastic calling card to an industry that would be foolish to not notice the talent at hand.”
Neon Madness Magazine
...we have here is an adrenalin packed effort with kickin' music, kinetic (and stylish) direction and some really cool effects.
Indy Film Network
"Y2K: Shut Down Detected" would be an excellent film for those who have yet to discover the magic of the true independent.”
Horror Films Online
"I've seen it at least 6-7 times and shared it with friends who have also sat back in a stunned silence."
Horror Fans Anon.
“I can't wait to see their next project and hopefully one day theses three talented young filmmakers will get a decent budget and will be able to do what they want!”
“After it was over, I just sat there in stunned silence. Wow. I only wonder what these filmmakers could do with an actual budget—I sure as hell would pay to see it. Keep an eye on these guys. I think they'll be going places. Seriously.”
Flipside Movie Emporium
"I don’t believe it! A no-budget horror short that’s actually as good as, if not better than, most bigger budgeted genre features. Yes, we all know the dreaded “millennium bug” was a big fat joke, but you’re advised to catch Y2K: SHUT DOWN DETECTED, an extremely slick little film marred only by the fact that it really should have been longer!"
" reminds me of Raimi's resourcefulness and innovation when it comes to visually working out a scene."
EYEball Magazine
"The stylism was reminiscent of the best music videos that modern television has to offer, and the production values outclass many of the syndicated television shows that presently appear on American cable channels such as UPN or the WB."
Diabolic Dominion
“I've not seen many truly independent films, and this was a good way to break into it.”
"If you've visited any horror site on the web, then chances are you've heard about this production."
"Everything about this film is impressive."
“The future of horror filmmaking is in good hands, expect to hear from these guys again...for sure.”
The Arrow
" ...the production is buoyed by a strong sense for visual narrative, as well as some pretty neat garage-built effects, and weird stylistic flourishes."
Alternative Cinema Magazine
"There's a jaw-dropping shoot-out near the midway point that's delivered with all the intensity of the great cinematic shoots. You know the one's I'm talking about. Think HEAT, THE WILD BUNCH, or BLACK HAWK DOWN.
"What we are treated to is a classic gun battle that would rival any Peckinpah spaghetti splatter gunfight ever shot."
Hacker's Source Magazine