- Indy FILMMAKER since 1995
- Produced or Directed almost 20 films
- Worked in Television & Film on camera crews for 11 years
- Taught Dolly Grip workshop for 5 years with Hollywood Film Institute
- Director of Photography on almost 20 films
- Currently co-Producing and co-Directing an Award winning series of horror comedy shorts called Roadside Killer
- Screened films at festivals all over the world with critical acclaim including numerous Awards.
- Education in film theory and history
- 2 year Diploma in Commercial Art studies
- Bachelor’s Degree in Motion Picture and Cinematography
- While attending Brooks Institute of Photography, recieved Eastman Kodak Award, Motion Picture Departmental Award and “President’s Award” as the 51st winner in school’s prestigous 50 years.
"I was Slava"
mainstream history in pictures