What I Offer:

- 16 years of camera, photography, lighting and dolly experience (35mm, 16mm, Super-8, HD, etc.)
- Personal HD equipment and lighting as well as 16mm and Super-8 camera work
- Award winning background in education and filmmaking with experience on over 170
mainstream projects including directing and/or producing 16 of my own films
- Fan friendly website, communication and blog with daily correspondance with fans
- Contests giving fans an inside look into the industry
- Unmatched constant PR/Marketing through internet, radio and merchandise which includes interviews, articles, clothing, etc.
- Unique, personal and entertaining websites and blogs with large viewership
- In less then 5 years, the Award winning blog has over 250,000 reads
- IamIvan.com has a very loyal following from industry folk, to fans and
military people at it’s peek averaging over 600,000 hits per month

- Crossover marketability from horror movies to magazines and other media
- Best PORN week Ever a bi-weekly internet reality show that focuses on people and productions in my life. Great marketing tool for new releases and websites
- “Girls with Cameras” galleries that generates media attention and traffic to the site, promoting the girls and prodcutions they are in
- Self sufficient with years of graphic and web design in Photoshop and Dreamweaver