RAVERS Magazine (UK)
Volume 4, Issue #5 (2010)

What’s your fav part of the process of making a movie?
--- I love every aspect of making a movie. From the idea inception to the final edit. I feel like I am an auteur of sorts. Doing all the writing, booking, pre-production, production and finally editing the product. Every part of the moviemaking is as important as the other. That's why I love the entire process. I bring my filmmaking background and attitude into this, having every aspect of it done myself. I believe this makes me a more well-rounded director/moviemaker.

What would you be doing if you wern’t directing porn?
--- If I wasn't doing porn, I'd probably be still working in TV & Film. My background and education is in Film and Video. I left a nice TV job to join Extreme Associates and Evolution Erotica as the Behind the Scenes guy. And have only looked back a few times.

Where do your ideas for filming come from?
--- My ideas for my movies varies. I do a lot of research ... I watch movies upon movies. I watch a lot of movie trailers. Many in the industry say I have the best teases and trailers in our business. This comes from caring in improving on your product. When I do my horror porn, I put into the project my experiences and love for the horror genre. When I shoot and edit teases, I put in my love for the female body and creative ideas I have honed for years. When I edit my trailers, I watch extensive mainstream trailers for inspiration and ideas.

When did you start directing?
--- I started directing in late 2003 for Evolution Erotica. It was pretty simple. I saw some directors who could not even hold a camera properly getting paid to shoot. I asked my boss (Tom Byron) for an opportunity. After shooting about a dozen DVD bonus scenes, they gave me free reign to shoot whatever I wanted.

What’s your favourite scene in Big Ass Cheerleaders and why?
--- It's a toss up between two scenes for me. I loved the Bobbi Starr scene for it's energy and scenario. Plus I never worked with Bobbi so this was a great experience for me. But I also loved the Karlie Simon scene for a few reasons. I met Karlie a week prior and knew right of way I had to shoot her. She is one of the prettiest girls I have recently met and her body ... especially the butt ... is amazing. The scenario comes off hot and sexy with some funny moments. Visually that scene stands out the most for me.

Any utter disasters on set?
--- One thing I love about shooting porn on a small scale/budget, it reminds me of my Independent Horror filmmaking days. It's constant problem solving which I adore. Sometimes though it gets a bit too much, but we seem to prevail. About a month ago we were shooting a scene which was going to be the boxcover. The day started off horribly as I received a call from a friend at around 5:30am, with a problem. I stayed on the phone with them until about 7am before heading to set. On the way to set Tom Byron calls me and asks me to pick-up props for the still shoot. (okay seasonal props, that are out of season). I drove to three stores to get the items. Still on the way to set, I get a call from our make-up artist ... she just got in a car accident! She is emotional but says she will be there, just late. THEN I get a call from the girl, her driver took her to the wrong part of town and she was going to be at least an hour late. This day was going peachy. Then we got on set ... the girl was in make-up with the make-up artist, I had the props in hand. So the day was good, right? Nope, the guy calls and says he cut his dick shaving! I felt like pulling my hair out. But I didn't and actually the scene turned out great.

Any funny or memorable moments from shooting? 
--- You know our sets are always very laid back and fun. So it's always funny. But the MOST MEMORABLE would have to be having the scene stopped by a pimp who tells us we are "putting too much wear and tear on his property!" That was straight out of a movie, a bad silly movie.

Who are your fav actors/actresses to work with?
--- Some of my favorite people to work with are people who genuinely love their jobs. It makes for a great time on set without any attitude. I only hire or re-hire those types of people so the list is somewhat long. I do love shooting Dana DeArmond who is too fun. Jayden Jaymes and I always have fun and now have built a really nice brother/sister relationship. If no one has ever had Charley Chase on set, well it's their loss. London Keyes has amazing energy as a person. Asa Akira for her professional attitude. Natasha Nice for making me smile. I love working with Shyla Stylez because she seems to always have a vision. I truly loved working with Lauren Phoenix back in the day.

What’s the best and worst things about shooting porn?
--- Best thing about shooting porn is that you get to meet new people all the time. I love learning about what makes people tick. Every day is an adventure. But the worst part would have to be the constant babysitter feeling you get. The tardiness or lack of communication back sometimes is a problem. But you learn to deal with it.

How do you get best performances out of your cast?
--- The way I work on getting performances out of my cast sounds simple, yet rarely is implemented. You make people feel free and comfortable. I treat every girl on my set as someone's loved one ... meaning ... no one hits on her, no one asks for BJs in the bathroom, no one disrespects her, etc. Our industry deals with pretty intimate situations. I believe as a director I need to make the cast feel comfortable as possible. I joke with the cast and often will sit, chatting up to see what the girl likes or doesn't like. I try to find a common ground between us so we have a bond, almost like a brother and sister type. A quick example, last year I booked a high profile, yet (from what I was told) volatile pornstar. As soon as she got to set I was on her with a smile and a hello. We chatted about what movies she likes. She liked horror. Perfect! I make horror movies besides porn. So we sat and talked about that. During the shoot we had no issues, in fact she shot extra content for me because of this bond. I come off as big furry brother to the girls.

Which movie has pushed you most?
--- Back in my first run working for Tom Byron, I did Texas' Asshole Massacre (2004). It was my first venture into Adult features. The process was fun but difficult. I worked on a small budget with really non-actors. But at the end hard work paid off as that movie opened big doors for me and an offer from a major feature company.

What are you working on at the mo/in future?
--- Currently my plate is beyond full. For Tom Byron I am starting on a Teacher movie. I am also directing and editing for Amy Ried's Riedemption Productions, currently in a middle of three movies. Still working on our horror projects (RoadsideKiller.com) and my pride and join ... Puba Network. Puba.com is a company I started with three other partners. This internet company is for development and creation of pornstar sites as well as niche. I am the director of production and editing. Currently we have 10 girl sites: Asa Akira, Jessica Bangkok, London Keyes, Shyla Stylez, Jayden Jaymes, Avy Scott, Charley Chase, Natasha Nice, Mason Moore and Kelly Surfer. This keeps me busy 7 days a week. But this is my love and passion.

Ever won any awards?
--- Award wise it's been fun. In adult as in mainstream a lot has to do with who you work for or who you know. I've won a few in adult on hopefully merits of my work. In mainstream myself or my movies have won almost 30 awards worldwide. My most memorable achievement was winning the President's Award at Brooks Institute of Photography. I was the 51st winner in the school's 50 years of existence.

What did you learn from your first ever foray into filming?
--- In adult: my first shoot was a bit eye opening. Everyone was professional. It wasn't a big drug filled orgy. People worked and went home. In mainstream: people don't realize how much dedication and hard work goes into each project.

What’s your favourite thing about being on set?
--- My favorite part on set, is the bond you often create with your friends and new people. Our sets are like a playground of fun. Candy, toys, jokes and after shoots I give girl's stuffed toys.

Is there a formula that works every time for a good scene?
--- To make it a good scene I truly believe you make everyone feel comfortable and respected. Then you don't force anything on the girls. Let them enjoy their experience which in result they will give you a more honest, sexually erotic filled scene.

What makes your movies better than others?
--- My movies standout from the rest because of the dedication I put into each and every aspect of the scene, bts, dvd, editing, whatever. Many in porn say, "well it's just porn." No it's your name, your reputation and most importantly it's for the fan's enjoyment. Even though most of us use fake names, those names still represent us as artists or at least professionals. It's a part of us. And I believe that. In every project I bring my vast education and filmmaking experience from lighting, to fun camera equipment to creative use of editing tricks. I've spent a week on credits before just to make sure the buyer gets the most for their buck. I as well as many believe this is what sets my work apart from so many others.

Why should one of our readers pick up this movie?
--- Once you see the laid back fun attitudes on my DVD's you will be hooked. The quality is top notch and dedication to the fan for me goes beyond the dvd itself. My fans can enjoy my product beyond the one in their dvd player. I have an award winning blog, my website caters to my fans with honesty and hours of fun pictures, videos and stories. Often I will have girls do video hellos to my fans and giving out free stuff is something I enjoy. So by picking up my product, you are pretty much picking up a piece of my life. And by the way, that wonderful site is www.IamIvan.com

Could you direct mainstream movies if the opportunity came?
--- I actually have been directing mainstream movies since 1997 with a pretty nice portfolio of festival screenings and awards. On my site there is an example of my mainstream work.

I want to thank you for this opportunity of letting me blabber on about myself.