May 2011 issue
interview by Dan Miller
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Prime-Time Player

Ivan Parlays Cinematography Degree, Horror-Film Background Into Porn Career

By Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES - In an industry full of characters, Ivan is one of the most colorful.  The Russian-born artist is legit, five-tool player - he can write, produce, shoot, direct and edit - making him a valuable asset in porn circles.

   Meanwhile, the self-styled World's Most Dangerous Director has also shown a flair for promoting himself, often pairing one of his custom-made t-shirts or jerseys with a bright pair of high-top sneakers.  It's also not uncommon to see him sporting a video screen around his neck that plays porn trailers while he's on the red carpet.

   Ivan's funky wardrobe is now just as much of  trademark as the way he shoots.

   But underneath the flashy exterior, Ivan is serious about his calling, and he's got the reel to prove it.  Nowadays he averages 80-hour work weeks as he juggles roles as director of production for the Puba web network with his duties for Tom Byron Pictures, Twistys and others.

   In this exclusive interview, he discusses his horror-film background, his education, his love for sports and his master plan.


1) Where are you originally from - born and raised?

- I was born in the Soviet Union. My family migrated to the United States in the last 70's during the Cold War. Ugly names we were called there and here.

2) What were you doing before you got into porn? What were some previous jobs you held?

 - I was working in film and video. I did a lot of Key and Dolly Grip work. I also co-directed and was a Cinematographer on almost 20 mainstream independent projects. The week I got offered a job in porn, I was offered a job on The Bachelor. I turned that down and the rest is porn history. Well, at least in my eyes.

3) What was your familiarity with porn before you got into the business?

 - I knew very little about the porn industry. I watched some porn but wasn't a daily or even a weekly watcher. I was busy working and making my own movies at the time. Once I did get into porn I was shocked by the rough or I guess "energetic" type of porn being shot. I decided to shoot the "energetic" porn with a twist ... making the girls look pretty and making sure they enjoyed that type of "energy"

4) How did you get your start in adult?

- I was working on a TV Show called The X Show. It was FX Network's version of The Man Show. But our's was a daily program. One weekend I attended a local wrestling show, it was XPW and the event was their first Deathmatch Tournament. I went with my brother (Ricky D) and we were shocked yet excited to watch this fiasco of blood, barbwire, glass and torn flesh. We became fans, then I introduced one of the hosts to this excitedly crazy XPW. This led to Lizzy Borden being a regular on the show. Quickly my computer genius little brother became their (XPW & Extreme Associates) web guy. He eventually introduced my work to Rob Black and Kevin K. Rob owned XPW and Extreme Associates, while Kevin made sure Rob's fuck ups were limited to lesser fuck ups. They liked my reel and asked me to shoot some ringside footage for future events.

That led them to asking me to do behind the scenes for their new company Evolution Erotica. I began shooting and editing some really fun BTS, to a point that reviewers were mentioning my name in the reviews. Back then I was know as Ivan E. Rection. Some of these reviewers who are still around, give me credit as Ivan E.

5) How did you learn about photography/videography?

- I actually wanted to be a cartoonist. And even applied to Hanna Barbera. Remember them? While in my first college I studied all aspects of art and fell in love with my video camera. I then attended a local Junior College where I spent two years studying film history and theory. Eventually I attended Brooks Institute of Photography where I received my Bachelors Degree in Cinematography and Motion Picture. I was wound up being the 51st winner of the President's Award in the school's 50 years in existence.
6) How would you describe your style?

 - My style in shooting is really about the girls. To me it's all about the girl. How you shoot her, how you treat her, how you approach each set with a different girl every time. I often will joke or talk to the girl before the shoot and get a feel for her character or how her day is going. Then I can manage the set accordingly. I love shooting hot teases with the girls. To me it's about making the viewer so horny for the girl before the sex scene that he can't wait to see her get reamed.  Whether it's teases or vignettes, my plan of attack is to focus on the girl's best features. Personality, butt, boobs, face, eyes ... whatever are her high points, I target in on those and shoot away.

- I also believe that my style can fluctuate depending on the scenario. This is where I feel I bring to the table more then any director out there. I can shoot gonzo, great music video style teases, features, pretty much anything. I shoot, I write, I edit and I believe at the top level. I am extremely proud of my reel and the vastness of what it represents.

7) Describe a typical day?

- My typical day is pretty crazy. I get up at 6am without an alarm clock. I sleep at my office 3 to 4 times a week ... so if I'm at the office. A quick shower and by 7am I am either editing or prepping for the day's shoot. I receive approximately 40 to 50 texts per day regarding shooting, editing, paperwork, you name it. I work 7 days a week taking only serious time off on Sunday afternoons for family dinners. Other then that I shoot, edit, book and nap in between. I shoot and edit for 11 pornstar sites, plus I shoot for Tom Byron Pictures, Twistys and a few other clients. In an average month I book, shoot and edit an equivalent of eight, five scene movies. Editing wise I edit around 60-80 scenes a month. That doesn't leave much time for a social life or keeping healthy. Two issues I would love to resolve.

 8) What is the most challenging part of your job?

- Being creative on a daily basis when shooting so much content can get a bit challenging. But I am constantly evolving from the way I shoot to the props I use. Still thoguh, it gets a bit tough. Also try wrangling girls to shoot content? Sometimes I feel like Rocky Balboa in the alley chasing that little chicken.

9) What is the most rewarding part of your job?

- I love making a difference in people's lives. I know it's weird saying that while directing porn. But many girls consider me a big brother. They share their lives with me and trust in my opinion as well as friendship. This business is filled with instant gratification for many, whether it's sex or partying or taking advantage of someone. Not many stop and think "hhhmmm, stacy bumfucker from Wisconsin is a person with a family ... maybe I shouldn't co-hearse her into a quick BJ before her agent picks her up." I take pride in being there for my friends. And having such relationships helps in creating better product. A girl trusts you and is willing to do more for your movie. This goes back to directing as well, caring for your talent and caring for your product.

10) If you had to get a job outside of porn, what would it be?

- I have no skills besides being a big brother and a hell of a porn director. So I would have to learn to enjoy penis and drop my name into the pool in the wonderful world of escorting. Wait, is there a market for Bear loving? In seriousness I could probably get back into TV crew like before. I also always wanted to teach, so maybe that.

 11) What are your hobbies?

- I am a huge football fanatic. Yes! Fanatic! I watch pop warner, high school, college, canadien football, arena, NFL ... shit few years back I watched women's semi-pro league during the off season. MMA is big in my life. I became a fan in 1993 when it was called "No holds barred" or "shoot fighting". UFC #1 made me an addict. I also love watching movies, particularly horror. My background is in horror, so that is my first love. I watch a lot of movies for fun and research. I mimic my porn trailers to mainstream ones on occasion. I also love being a full-time Captain Save-A-Ho as my co-workers think.

 12) What is a project you are currently working on?

- Right now I have my hands full with many projects. Besides working on all the girl site shoots and edits. I am working on a very special movie for Tom Byron Pictures. Besides directing and editing I am finally the producer on these projects. So with that said, I get to create and develop new and exciting series. Right now I am in the editing process on "This is Why I'm Hot". This I believe will show of my skills once again in the tease / gonzo style format. I shot creative interviews with some fun teases, using some new lighting and video toys. The editing process is taking weeks because of the high-end look I am going for. This is my calling card once again to the industry. Boom! Hear me roar. The cast is pretty impressive as well. As I have Asa Akira, Chanel Preston, Gracie Glam and Kristina Rose. There are big things coming with this movie. And as big coming with our Puba girls and content. Recently I have also been approached to be the first Porn Director on a skateboard by Pornstar Skateboards. And I am feverishly working to be the first porn director on a T.I.T.S. shirt.

 13) How do you manage your time between shooting for PUBA, directing for Tom Byron Pictures, editing and other endeavors?

- I am horrible at time management, so my hours are all over the place. I do love working through the night. No texts, no calls and no visitors. Creatively I'm at my best at 2 or 3am because of no distractions. My schedule is 7 day weeks. With 12 to 16 hour days. I have many to do lists on my computer, post-it notes and dry erase board.
14) What in your professional career are you most proud of?

- There are a few projects in my mainstream career I am immensely proud of, our Indy Horror short about the Y2K scare is my pride and joy. We screened the movie all over the world, won numerous awards and were covered by all horror magazines at the time. We even had John Landis (Animal House, Blue Brothers, American Werewolf in London, Coming to America) give us great feedback on the film. Our Roadside Killer horror comedy series is my current baby of choice. Adult wise, I try to out do each project with the new one. But my proudest moment was Texas' Asshole Massacre for many reasons. It opened up the door to opportunities with big companies, it won and was critically acclaimed plus it was like a honeymoon project of sorts with me and my ex and lead of the movie Kami Andrews. Other projects include Sweet Cheeks #11 for Anabolic which got me on MTV and garnered many AVN nominations. These days I am as proud of my latest project as much as any other. "This is Why I'm Hot" for Tom Byron Pictures will solidify what I am about, what I can do and why in my heart I believe I can stand next to anyone from skill to dedication to my creative drive.

15) What are your plans for the future?

- I want to make Puba a household name in and out of the industry. I guess 18 and over household name. And to continue making good movies for our Puba girls, my other companies and finding my better half to make beautiful visions together.